12 Big Reasons to consider HiConversion

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Going beyond web testing & personalization

Gain customer wisdom through smart technology.

With 4D Optimization™, you have to approach the optimization of your site in a different way. Split A-B or MVT testing, rules based ‘if this do that’ visitor targeting, or product recommendation products are only partial solutions that will produce limited results. 4D Optimization™ is the only comprehensive end-to-end solution capable of treating different visitors, at different steps of the web journey, with the right experience at all times.

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Used By Well Known Brands

Follow the leaders.

HiConversion has a large number of the world’s best known online brands as clients. The future of e-Commerce belongs to those who will be able to successfully use smart optimization technologies.

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High and Sustainable ROI

It starts with directly measurable revenue lift.

We can provide you with the only e-Commerce optimization solution that provides directly measurable revenue lift. The value includes the ability to uncover unique customer trends and patterns with continued learning. Furthermore, the ROI measurement capability can be used to determine the ROI of your other e-Commerce applications; product recommendation, search, and product review, for example.

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End-to-end results

Multivariate optimization across multiple pages in the funnel.

e-Commerces sites are multi-page sales funnels that consist of many steps. Testing and optimizing web pages in the funnel independently will not produce the overall best results. HiConversion treats the entire sales funnel as a single optimization campaign and an optimum balance that can produce the best global results for you.

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Multi-segment optimization

Creating effective web experiences for different visitor types.

A typical multivariate optimization journey starts with a focus on finding web experiences that work well for the average visitor. With our tool, you do not need to create separate campaigns for different segments. Best of all, the segment specific campaigns are running under the umbrella of your single physical campaign setup. As more data is collected, the virtual multivariate optimization creates more effective experiences for different visitor types. This means that you can easily compare the results between different segments.

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Quick time to value

It is about total cost of ownership.

The total cost of the ownership of a testing solution should include the cost of loses during the testing process. This is because with split A-B or MVT testing, it is almost certain that you will try more losing than winning variables. As result, you will have a dip in the performance of your site and you will lose money while you test. HiConversion and its adaptive algorithms are able to quickly find and adapt to what works.

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Easy integration and campaign management

No IT dependency

Our solution is designed for easy implementation. The only technical step that requires IT assistance is the one time step of adding our integration tag into the source code of your web pages. Once the tag is added, non-technical members of your team have the power to virtualize your web pages and add optimization variables using our point and click interface.

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Fully automated process

Smart algorithms eliminate the need for daily monitoring.

Unlike traditional testing and targeting solutions where somebody needs to constantly ‘babysit’ the process, our algorithms are continually predicting and detecting the winning options and automatically allocating more traffic to what works.

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REAL Optimization™ methodology

REAL Optimization™ Process

A process for effective campaign management.

We developed the REAL Optimization™ methodology to teach and empower our users on how to create an optimization roadmap that will establish long term plan and priorities. The methodologies focus on how to engage with the optimization process and accelerate campaign results.

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VALUE Optimization™ Strategy

VALUE Optimization™ strategy

Optimization variables for the 4D Optimization™ approach.

VALUE Optimization™ is a set of decision making criteria that work in combination with a broad range of our optimization best practices that will enable you to effectively design and run your optimization campaigns. We make it easy for you to select the optimization variables that have a high probability of success.

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Full support

From self-service to fully managed services.

We provide all of the elements for a total solution, which include the leading SaaS optimization technology, an effective process, and the strategic know how. Although the technology is designed for self service, most of our customers elect to use our professional services to help them effectively launch and maintain their optimization initiative.

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Patented Technology

Patented technology

Our core technical capabilities are protected by three US Patents.

We are technology innovators and the uniqueness of our optimization approach is protected by three US Patents and several patent pending applications. To learn more about our details of our patents please click on the names of the patents:

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