The next BIG growth opportunity

There is a significant gap between the customer experience your site is delivering and the experience that would produce the desired outcomes.
Hidden in that gap lives the opportunity to generate new revenue, customer knowledge, and competitive advantage.


Agile innovation

Customer Experience Optimization technology, with it’s
ability to identify and adapt to the preferences of customers
in real-time, is transforming the role of digital commerce:

From: additional channel of distribution
It is no longer just about web traffic, merchandizing, or site functionality.

To: core business
Digital commerce has become the source of customer knowledge shared across organization for better marketing, product development, or overall business strategy development.

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The whole experience

The whole customer experience optimization capability dramatically changes how companies are approaching customer experience optimization:

From: silos
Gone are days when each of the different groups, like digital marketing, branding, merchandizing, testing, or personalization operated in their own silo without common metrics or ROI attribution.

To: centralized optimization
The unification of all digital commerce efforts under the umbrella of a single optimization platform is the only way to produce the real customer insights, ROI attribution, and directly measurable end-to-end results.

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Best practices are dead. Long live best

The whole user experience optimization approach is at odds with traditional optimization practices.

From: fragmented and static
The existing best practices originated in the world of traditional testing and personalization solution where focus is on discrete on-page experience and stop-and-go testing.

To: unified and ongoing
The unified approach where the optimization engine is continuously finding improvements among different visitor types, steps in the funnel, or multivariate page changes are both exciting and confusing. That is why you need a new decision making framework that enables you to prioritize and introduce optimization variables that have a high probability of success.

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