Scientific Methodology

Testing, analytics, and customer experience come together in a unified optimization engine.

Adapt to the dynamic mobile shopper.

Pave the way for a smooth, personalized path to purchase that changes with customer behavior.

Make better connections and maximize your site’s revenue per visit (RPV) by leveraging the power of machine learning and AI from a single optimization platform.


Scalable Architecture

Gain control of thousands of website elements affecting your buyer journey.

Unified Data

Native integration allows for comprehensive cross-program analysis.

Flexible 4D Visualizations

See clearly and address customer friction points anytime, anywhere.

Harness the power of multivariate testing.

Running independent A/B tests is risky and unpredictable. HiConversion is the only eCommerce optimization platform that uses both A/B and multivariate testing to dramatically expand the scale of your site optimization. Run experiments with thousands of merchant best practices while minimizing risk and maximizing site performance.

Leverage unified experience optimization.

Avoid fragmented data and utilize a data platform that combines testing, personalization, and rich web analytics. Get the full picture of your customer’s path to purchase and target pain points limiting your revenue growth.

Gain actionable insights.

Deploy parallel experiments that compound multiple positive treatments, creating incredible revenue lift while you gain a deeper knowledge of your customer base. Make decisions based on rich data, not limited statistics.

Let’s optimize together.

Closing the mobile gap in eCommerce is a community effort. Become part of the multi-merchant and multi-partner initiative working to collectively create better customer experiences through standardized experiments, rich data analysis, and shared learning.

Powerful Alone. Unstoppable Together.

Let’s work together to close the mobile conversion gap and create a more efficient, engaging path to purchase!