Mobile traffic has increased, but revenue from mobile has not.

HiConversion is dedicated to helping online merchants increase revenue from mobile devices by providing a large scale testing and optimization platform and community.

Through standardized experiments and adaptive learning, merchants can confidently begin their journey to meet and exceed their revenue goals from mobile.

The HiConversion Collaborative Customer Experience Optimization (C-CXO) Approach

A Collaborative Experimentation and Results-Sharing Platform for Mobile eCommerce

Simplified setup.


Standardized Experiments

Hundreds of experimentation templates built on the foundation of recommended best practices, simplifying experiment setup.Learn More »

Learning from your peers.


Shared Insights

Multi-merchant results roll-up at both the micro and macro levels — from individual participant results to industry-wide metrics that uncover industry-wide trends and high probability of success treatments.Learn More »

Doing more than just simple A/B testing.


Large Scale Optimization

Run many tests across your site in parallel to expand the scope and increase the revenue potential of your experience optimization initiative.Learn More »

A Community Initiative for the Quickest Path to Mobile Revenue Growth

Collaboration between PayPal, leading eCommerce platforms and system integrators, and HiConversion aimed to increase mobile revenue.

$500 Million+

in Revenue Optimization

6 Million+

Transactions Made


Pre-Built Optimization Experiments

The Difference is The Community

SIs, Merchants, eCommerce Platform Providers

Average RPV Lift

A Community Optimized Platform

Large-scale optimization experiments through multi-merchant collaboration to maximize success and reduce testing risk.

Easy Path to Experimentation

Select from a comprehensive library of the most “consumer-tested” experiments that are preconfigured for your eCommerce platform.

Adaptive Algorithms

Minimize the risks of experimentation through self-learning algorithms that
drive more traffic to winning treatments in real-time to maximize revenue lift.

Embedded Analytics

Get actionable insights with rich analytics capabilities with out-of-box deep integration with your eCommerce platform.