Adaptive A/B Testing

Super simple implementation. Just add a small tag to your site.



Other A/B split testing solutions allocate traffic among test options in a static way. This makes testing very risky while extending the time needed for reaching statistical confidence.


Self-learning algorithms are detecting and dynamically increasing traffic to winning options in real time. This minimizes the risk of testing and the time to achieve statistically confident results.


A total testing solution that includes rich analytics for data driven test design, templates and wizards for easy setup, and integrated CX analytics for deep customer knowledge.

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A Paradigm Shift in A/B Testing

Hint: A/B testing is not just about CR or RPV lift – it’s about customer knowledge!

  • Artificial Intelligence: Let our smart algorithms automate the process and minimize the risk of testing and the durations of the tests.
  • Data Driven Test Design: Stop guessing. Use our rich analytics to detect weak links in the customer experience and to design data driven tests.
  • Customer Knowledge: Use our integrated CX analytics to understand how different audiences are reacting to your test treatments.

Start with actionable data

Our rich web analytics lights-up directly out of box. There is no need for custom tagging of your site.

‘Kinks’ in the sales funnel

Focus your testing efforts on the most critical steps in the customer’s buying journey. We will help you detect and visualize the kinks in the sales funnel.


Weak page classes

Narrow down your attention to specific pages. Our multi-metric charts will help you identify the bad performers. 

Troubling page elements

Use data to design your tests. Our click-to-conversion map will help you identify web page elements that create friction.


Top 3 Reasons For Adaptive A/B Testing

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Low conversion rate

e-Commerce companies are challenged by low conversion rates. You can’t compete by just spending more money to buy more traffic.



Identify ‘kinks’ in your sales funnel first and then test different ideas to continually increase your conversion rate.

Poor UX

An external usability study or internal review is critical of your site’s UX or functionality. You can’t ignore this feedback and do nothing.



Create a competition of ideas between different teams. Nobody is right or wrong until proven otherwise.

High cart abandonment

Commonly, 60% or 70% of visitors who selected a product to purchase are abandoning the online cart. This is not sustainable.



Experiment with every aspect of your checkout. Small changes can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Enjoy ease of use

No IT needed. Empower your team to continually improve online customer experience.

A/B test templates

To eliminate the need for any application training we provide test setup templates. All you have to do is to pick the type of A/B test you want to run.


A/B test composer

Test templates are managed by our Composer application.  This is a smart wizard interface that guides you at each step while providing feedback about things that are missing or not done right.

Visual editor

It is as simple as using your computer mouse to point-and-click on the area of the page that you want to modify then editing content through our rich text editor.



How it works?


One-time Integration

This is the only technical step. It can be as easy as simple as adding a small code snippet to you web pages. Click here to request our FREE assistance.


Virtual Changes

You will use the visual design tools. Behind the scene our system generates code that performs just-in-time web page changes in the visitor browser.


Embedded Analytics

No need for custom tracking tags. All changes are automatically tracked enabling you to easily analyze the performance of every site change.

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End with customer knowledge

An instant conversion lift is great. Understanding how your customers react and seeing continued improvements, priceless.

There are no losers

Stop obsessing with which test treatment won. More data leads to better results. Here is an example of a chart that represents what is commonly considered a mediocre test result. There is not much to brag about unless …


There is always a winner 

By using our (CX) Analytics you will be able to go beyond obvious and uncover winning results for different audiences. For example, the same test treatment presented to visitors who are arriving at product detail pages (PDP) are getting almost +15% lift.

Think Big – Start Small

Adaptive A/B Testing is a door opener for the exciting world of customer experience optimization.

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