Agency partner


Agency partner

You want to grow your agency and provide exceptional services to your clients.

We’ll give you an unfair advantage with our software, training, and support. All-in-one analytics and optimization software. Exclusive agency partner tools and resources.

With HiConversion’s help, there’s no limit to how much you can scale your agency’s growth and lead your clients down a path to success.


Partnering criteria

Please verify if one or more criteria below apply to your organization.

Retainer revenue

vs. one off projects

The most successful agencies are committed to grow the annuity revenue streams.

Data powered

vs. art and the best practices

The agency business model has changed. The artists are replaced by data scientists.

Experience obsessed

vs. demand marketing

Customer experience is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Improve it and your agency will prosper.

More than just a software …

Aside from technology, we give you the guidance, support, and training so you can deliver value to your prospects and existing clients at every step of interaction.

Grow new clients 

Offering data analysis and customer experience optimization services allows your agency to differentiate itself in the crowded market place and to win more new clients.

These services are in demand and there is a limited number of qualified providers.

revenue growth

Increase revenue per client 

Offering customer experience optimization services allows your agency to build larger retainer agreements with your clients.

As you show the ROI of your services, and as you uncover actionable insights it’ll be easier to incorporate new strategies and services into each client engagement.

Improve client retention

Offering customer experience optimization services enables your agency to clearly articulate the value you bring to your client.

This enables you to offer repeatable services that keep clients engaged in recurring retainer services.


Consider your agency new growth plan …

HiConversion’s Agency Partner Program helps you deliver value for your clients and grow your business — every step of the way.

Setup for success

Software and training: You’ll get HiConversion’s all-in-one software right out of the gate. We’ll also set you up for success with the inbound marketing education and training you need to help you and your clients grow.

Expert Guidance: A dedicated HiConversion channel consultant will help you successfully onboard and implement your first three clients. You’ll also work closely with your account manager, who will provide in-depth business consulting with a focus on sales and revenue generation for your agency.


Market new services: Get exposure to more potential customers or up sell the existing clients. Leverage our free marketing resources and get support from our marketing team to help you generate more leads for your agency.

Get the ‘unfair’ data advantage: Replace sales talk with actions. You will be able to instrument any prospect site and perform an initial customer experience health check. The actionable insights will create demand and urgency to act in timely manner. This will make you stand out in the crowd of other agencies.

Grow your agency

Tap into the experience economy:  Your mastery of customer experience optimization will enable you to show your clients real ROI so you can expand your offerings, build a repeatable process, and achieve better results.

Sell More Retainers: Customer experience optimization generates more data that requires more analysis. The actionable insights provide data pointers for what else can be done.  All of this forces your clients to adapt continuous optimization process and to use your agency services on ongoing basis.