The majority of major brands are opting for mega drop down menus. According to w3schools, as of today 99% of their visitors have a screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher [source]. The most popular screen resolution size is 1366×768. This is the perfect size for  e-Commerce retailers.


Mega drop down menus give you the opportunity to not only show off your products but your desktop visitors also have a better user experience. Visitors are able to view more items in the navigation, saving them the extra clicks. If a Mega Drop down menu is something you’d love to test out, you could run an A/B Split or Multivariate test to make sure it’s the right choice for your visitors and for your website.

Consider using the full width of the page, make use of the screen size and fill the navigation with visual elements, clear headings and icons or images. Implementing these ideas will make it easier for visitors to navigate your site, helping you convert your shoppers into buyers!

When using a mega drop down, consider keeping it simple. HiConversion best practice on Simplicity includes both elegance and parsimony of elements so it is better to not include too many sub-categories. Having a menu that is too large, may overwhelm visitors with too many options and may cause them to shy away and affect your bounce rate.


Following the HiConversion VALUE™ Strategy, a mega drop down gives you the best approach to convince the visitor to buy your product; by experimenting with showing the visible elements first and foremost. This approach keeps the visitor engaged on your site longer. The longer the engagement, the higher the probability of success.