How much do you really know about the strategic value of continuous optimization?

We would like to invite you to join us this coming Wednesday as HiConversion, along with Forrester Research Inc. and two of our key clients -Lancome and The Rockport Company – conduct and interesting, informative webinar exploring the topic.

The webinar, which begins at 1.30pm Eastern time, will feature four enlightening, thought-provoking talks from a highly-experienced group armed with plenty of real life cases and instances where Optimization has led to significant change within their organization.

For your convenience, the webinar will broken up into four key components:

James McCormick, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. will talk specifically on The Strategic Value of Continuous Optimization.

Zee Aganovic, the chief executive of HiConversion will share his view on the concept that The Digital Commerce Playbook is Broken and how we at HiConversion can offer solutions to solve it.

Grant McAuslan, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Development of The Rockport Company will share some key findings from the Key Learnings From a Multi-Year Optimization Effort the organization conducted with HiConversion.

Finally, Malik Abu-Ghazaleh, Assistant VP of Interactive Marketing and Commerce, at Lancôme will impart knowledge around Lancome’s Insights into the checkout funnel optimization journey with HiConversion.

You can register free here for the live webinar.