It’s one of the great challenges in digital commerce. So we decided to set up our own challenge to help you conquer it.

Last year, more than $4 trillion worth of digital commerce carts were abandoned before the checkout process was fully completed. And every time that happens on your website, you lose revenue.

There are many reasons your site’s visitors abandon their digital carts. It could be that they encounter unexpected shipping costs before the end of the checkout process. Maybe the need to create a new user account in the checkout process was too cumbersome and therefore prompted them to exit the site. Your site may not provide enough visible payment security for the visitor or perhaps they were unable to process a coupon code.

Either way, as a business, you need to know.

To find out exactly why, you need to equip your site with the ability to shrink its Cart Abandonment Rate by drilling down to discover the specific causes for your visitor’s decision to abandon their electronic cart.

So until June 15, we are offering 25 organizations the opportunity to leverage the benefits of our unique, feature-rich Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR) analytics software suite – and at the same time potentially collect a $25,000 reward.

Grow your site’s revenue and gain genuine insights about your customers

This fixed-price offering, covering all software and professional services, is a full turnkey solution.

Using HiConversion’s technology, you will traverse a path of sustainable revenue growth and deep customer knowledge and utilize the benefits of our Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR) analytics and 4D Customer Experience Optimization right out-of the box.

How the offer works

We are extending this challenge to the first 25 customers who sign up before June 15.

Simply register and pay our one-off registration fee by the close of business on June 15.

Those willing to take the challenge to better understand their visitors and grow their website revenue will be entered into a contest. The company that earns the most significant revenue improvement in their Cart Abandonment Rate will win.

With your license to use HiConversion software you get:

– Cart Abandonment Rate web analytics

– All Customer Experience Optimization features

Professional services including:

– Abandonment funnel analysis

– Optimization campaign design (multi-page multivariate campaign with up to 12 web element changes)

– All technical services necessary to implement the optimization campaign

– QA

– Ongoing account management

– Summary report about campaign results, initial learning and follow-up recommendations

To read more and take our challenge on, register here.