Delivering a good customer experience doesn’t require rocket science. It requires discipline and hard work, executed consistently, at scale.The first step of the customer experience improvement journey is an understanding of what a good customer experience actually means.

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Good is not good enough

According to Forrester’s 2014 Customer Experience Index (CX Index), forty percent of the brands have earned scores in the good category. In digital business good is actually anything but good because those brands compete in the arena where good is the norm. To really stand out, they need to be great.

Forrester’s and other industry research has shown that in order for an experience to be perceived as good, it has to have three characteristics:

Meets the need

An experience with your brand is of value to customers only if it allows them to accomplish whatever goal they set out to accomplish.

Key considerations: entry pages, site navigation, site search, product grids, …

Easy to use

An interaction with your brand is easy if customers are able to accomplish their goals with minimal effort.

Key considerations: decision making flows, product selection options, content presentation, checkout funnel, payment options, device form factor support …


When an experience is enjoyable, the customer perceives your brand as pleasant which then engenders generally positive emotions.

Key considerations: security, privacy, no surprises, no friction, clarity of communication, consistency, social support, …

Start your own customer experience optimization journey

An essential starting point is the development of ‘customer experience views’ through customer experience web analytics. Knowledge about customer experience friction points will help your brand intelligently allocate resources and help you commit to a customer experience optimization plan from a holistic point of view.

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