It remains one of the most confounding issues for digital commerce sites globally. A visitor will browse your website, fill their virtual shopping cart with any number of items and eventually depart. Yet they exit your site without completing one final, key transaction: paying for their goods.

Persistently high Cart Abandonment Rates (CAR) – which sits at 69 per cent industry wide – are a malaise for the nascent digital retail marketplace. According to Business Insider, CAR could be responsible for an estimated $4 trillion of lost revenue in the last financial year.

Increasingly, there are more sophisticated ways to win those visitors back. And then there is the option of simply just emailing them a reminder.

This unassuming but remarkably effective tactic is a strong starting point in the ongoing battle to improve your site’s Cart Abandonment Rate.

In fact, according to Sales Cycle, one recent study says that as many as 85 per cent of respondents find shopping cart reminder emails helpful. Similarly, 61 per cent of shoppers surveyed say emails get them back to their site again.

One of the key reasons for their effectiveness is they boast an impressively high open rate: more than 45 per cent. Almost as important is the click-through rate, which sits above 13 per cent. Perhaps most salient of all, 35 per cent of those clicks lead to a purchase.

According to one source, the figures are demonstrably lucrative: $5.64 of revenue is generated for every cart reminder email sent.

The motive to send a reminder email out after a visitor abandons their cart then is significant.

Shrink your site’s Cart Abandonment Rate

There are numerous reasons your site’s visitors abandon their carts before fully completing their transaction.

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