Reminder emails targeted at those visitors who abandoned their shopping cart on your site are remarkably successful in reaching and engaging with their intended audience.

But how do you ensure they project a message that is captivating enough to compel your visitor to actually return and pay for the goods in their abandoned cart?

We have previously written about the importance and effectiveness of reminder emails, especially when it comes to combating a site’s Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR).

Of course, CAR sits as one of the most perplexing issues for digital commerce websites globally.

This simple, remarkably effective tactic is a strong starting point in the ongoing battle to improve your site’s Cart Abandonment Rate.

According to Sales Cycle, one recent study says that as many as 85 per cent of respondents find shopping cart reminder emails helpful. Similarly, 61 per cent of shoppers surveyed say emails get them back to the site again.

Now that you have their attention, you must engage their interest enough to persuade them to come back and pay for the goodies sitting in their cart.

The most common – and effective – tactic is to offer a discount in the email. Again and again, a discount offered in a bid to prompt a revisit to the site and their waiting cart has proved a hugely successful course.

Better still why not offer a discount and free shipping in the same email? An offer to pay for shipping might just be enough to give your visitor enough motivation to return.

In line with this, there should be a sense of urgency to the email. Some of our clients have been successful when they have created a perception them know that the cart does not live on infinity.

Formatting and presentation within the email is another key imperative to success. Including a product image, for instance, will help your visitor instantly recall what they put in the cart in the first place.

Several of our clients also send a second or third reminder email if the customer does not respond to the first one. This can be tested and personalized to ensure you find an optimized solution and can include new options.

Here is where we come in

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You will get insight around the exact reasons your visitors abandon their carts and discover how to improve your site’s cart abandonment rate.

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