This infographic is inspired by the book ‘The age of the Customer‘ written by Jim Blasingame.

Digital commerce companies are at the leading edge of the new industrial transformation. Ironically, being super busy with building the core digital business makes it extremely easy to lose sight of the big picture. So, let’s dumb down the basic concepts.

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The age of the seller

For thousands of years product, service, or product information were in seller’s hands. This was enabling control of the sales situation and the overall competitive advantage in the market place.

The age of the customer

The Internet has empowered the buyer. In addition to access to information the buyer is also empowered to influence the marketplace through social media.

Customer experience obsession

While companies have always, to a greater or lesser extent, called themselves “customer-centric,” this is different. This is not about “the customer is always right” or other good service slogans. Instead, the new power of customers means that brands now must focus on understanding every nuance of customer needs, ease of use, and emotional aspects.

The starting point is very low

The great majority of digital brands are not taking ‘the age of customer’ seriously. How otherwise can we explain the average 2% conversion rate or 70%+ cart abandonment rate?

Start your own customer experience optimization journey

An essential starting point is the development of ‘customer experience views’ through customer experience web analytics. Knowledge about customer experience friction points will help your brand intelligently allocate resources and help you commit to a customer experience optimization plan from a holistic point of view.

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