We get it.

You’re a WordPress rookie.

We were once, as well.

Here’s the thing: WordPress is not as complex as it seems on first impression. Not by a long shot.

As a frequent users of the software, we thought we would share seven things that have helped make our quest to master WordPress less stressful.




At first glance, this would seem fairly obvious. However, if this is your first time attempting to enter your admin page, remember to enter your website URL… then stop! Before you hit enter/return, remember to type in “/wp-admin”(without utilizing the quotes). From there, simply login and remember this sage advice. This actually occurred to me on day one of working on this site. Work did not start until day 2.




Images not only play a role in making your page look more appealing to visitors, but also for your crawlers. There are two opportunities to do so with each image: the title tag and the alternate text. Your websites keywords can be carefully placed (not stuffed: probably not a good idea!) into both the title tag (generating the little text box that appears when hovering over an image) and the alternate text (text replacing an image when it fails to load). Just ensure that your entries match your marketing story, and are descriptive for the image.




At times there may be a change (or 4) in site structure. On occasion it may make sense for SEO purposes, and in others, the URL simply doesn’t make sense. Here’s how to change it courtesy of Jonathan Goldford from Mashable

  1. In the WordPress backend, go to the Edit screen for the post or page you wish to edit.
  2. Just below the title, click the gray “Edit” button next to the permalink. If instead of “Edit,” you see a button that says “Change Permalinks,” Click that button and click the “Post name” radio button on the “Permalink Settings” page. Then click the blue “Save Changes” button. Go back to the post or page you wish to edit and you should see the “Edit” button.
  3. When you click “Edit,”, the URL will change to a text box, ready for you to alter. Remove special characters and any words that could hurt your search engine rankings.  That means generic words like “a,” “or,” “in” and “the.”  As mentioned above, we might change “helping-kids-find-a-home-or-shelter-in-st-louis-missouri” to “kids-find-homes-st-louis”.  Make sure you also separate each word with a dash (-).
  4. Click the gray “OK” button.
  5. Click the blue “Publish” or “Update” button to save your changes.




There may come a time when you’ve gotten your plan in order to edit a page; you’ve placed your content, images, section and row layout perfectly. Once all changes in content have been entered, and you save those changes, you realize that you changed the wrong page! Easy save: browse the revisions (right sidebar, under the “Publish” section) move back to the version before your changes, problem solved. With post revisions, you also have the chance to take good ideas from previous versions and re-purpose them.




There are more than these, but these are the shortcuts you will likely utilize with some level of regularity

  • Ctrl + b = Bold
  • Ctrl + i = Italic
  • Ctrl + c = Copy
  • Ctrl + v = Paste
  • Ctrl + x = Cut
  • Ctrl + a = Select All
  • Ctrl + z = Undo
  • Ctrl + y = Redo
  • Ctrl + [number] = Insert heading sizes, e.g. CTRL+1 = <h1>, CTRL+2 = <h2>.
  • Alt + Shift + n = Check Spelling
  • Alt + Shift + l = Align Left
  • Alt + Shift + j = Justify Text
  • Alt + Shift + c = Align Center
  • Alt + Shift + r = Align Right

For even more shortcuts, you can visit this site here.




On occasion, you may find yourself as an admin for several different sites, which may itself prove to be somewhat confusing. So, for the sake of efficiency and abatement of said confusion, head to the profile section of the sidebar and pick out one of the lovely colors on offer.




Finally, if you’re looking for a way to create multiple columns without any coding knowledge, try activating the very simple configuration of the Advanced WP Columns and you will get side-by side columns that come together a lot better than rows.