As enterprise commerce continues to evolve, online merchants and retailers seek to be more self-sufficient and in control of their own destinies. But as vendors saturate the marketplace with abundant noise and rhetoric, how do you discern between empty tactics and real, actionable strategy?

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumer expectations and behaviors are ever-evolving; your actions must be in real time.
  • Everything on your website – including visitors – interacts with everything else.

Onto the Slides – Building a Lasting Revenue Growth Program


Building a Lasting eCommerce Revenue Plan from HiConversion

This framework is still relatively new to most CEOs and CFOs, but in the future this is likely to change. Senior management needs predictable growth and demonstrated returns on marketing investments; though you may not see this exact strategy in place at your organization, you can all but expect an eRPM-like framework to become ‘the new best practice’ for years to come.