HAVING spent a significant amount of effort and expense to create the perfect product and develop an amazing website to showcase your wares, why would you ever leave the checkout process to chance?

If you are not focusing on the final leg of the journey your customers take, all your effort could likely be for naught. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to improving your cart abandonment rate, yet there are some tried and true ideas to help ease your customers down the path to purchase.

The concepts fall into three categories: distractions, directions, and security.


The first step to improving your CAR is to streamline the pages and remove any offers or links that distract customers from checking out.

Needless distractions do not help customers complete the checkout process.

There is no need to sidetrack the customer with extraneous information and offers while they are simply attempting to navigate your checkout funnel.

Presenting customers with your “don’t answer yet!” offer is only going to divert them from completing their purchase. Your clever promotions and social links are better suited to pages higher in the funnel. Think of it in a sporting parlance: you have already moved the ball 99 yards, why would you make it hard for the customer to cross the goal line?


The second important area of focus is the effort your customers need to expend to decipher your checkout process.

– Are your pages clean and concise?

– Are your calls to action descriptive and easy to identify?

– Is your error messaging helpful and do they call out exact issues and provide possible solutions?

– Are you clearly describing what the customer is purchasing and the steps they need to take to complete the process?

All of these important questions boil down to one salient concept: is your checkout process clear and straightforward?

By removing potential roadblocks and providing a solid map, you will help your customers reach their final destination: the confirmation page!


Making an online purchase can be a nerve-inducing experience for even the most web-savvy consumer. You need to create a sense of trust and security so that they are comfortable providing you their payment information.

From the very first step, you need to convince the customer they are safe in your fortress. Clearly display your security information and take advantage of any trust badges or security verification. Once they enter their details into your forms and hit submit, they need to feel unequivocally confident you will protect their information.

Simple improvements like highlighting and boxing in your forms and adding a padlock icon will increase customer’s sense of security.

Cart abandonment rate is one of the most critical metrics every successful e-commerce company must focus on to survive. There is no perfect solution that fits every company’s situation, it is important to test different concepts until you hit upon the combination that best suits your unique circumstances. To get started it is a good idea to focus on distractions, directions, and security.


By Tom Albee, HiConversion Account Manager