It’s the problem that has perplexed retailers and marketers for many years.

Persistently high cart abandonment rates remain perhaps the most confounding issue for digital commerce sites around the world.

A recent report focused on some of the key reasons why shoppers leave a site without completing the purchase of the goods that they have placed in the digital cart.

The top reason cited – by 28 per cent of respondents – was that they encountered unexpected shipping costs before the end of the checkout process.

The second highest reason, alluded to by 23 per cent of those surveyed, was  that the need to create a new user account in the checkout process was too cumbersome and therefore prompted them to exit the site.

Unsurprisingly, 16 per cent of those surveyed indicated they never intended to purchase in the first place and were merely conducting research.

For 13 per cent of the group surveyed their chief concern was the security of their payment on the particular site they were shopping at.

Another 12 per cent said the checkout process itself was so confusing and/or complicated that in spite of placing items in their cart, it was too off-putting to fully complete the process.

Finally, some 8 per cent of those in the midst of the checkout process were bargain hunters seeking to find the coupon code for the items they had purchased. Their inability to do so prompted them to abandon their cart.

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