Here at HiConversion, we recently hosted our latest webinar, which focused on the strategic value of Continuous Optimization.

One of our keynote speakers, Forrester Research Inc. senior analyst James McCormick, unearthed an amusing but salient analogy.

He likened the newly resurgent web consumer to that of King Henry VIII, the infamous ruler of England from 1509 to 1547.

“No matter how his relationships with his wives went,” Mr McCormick told the audience, “he was quite happy to dispose of them if they did not meet his expectations. And what has given digital shoppers (that type of) power in this so-called age of the customer? One word: digital.”

Indeed, it is the growth of digital commerce that has fostered an environment in which consumers have developed a sense of self-awareness ensuring they are increasingly comfortable engaging with multiple brands in any one product line.

You can experience the full webinar by clicking here.

Enjoy four enlightening, thought-provoking talks from a highly-experienced group armed with many of real life business examples that demonstrate how optimization has led to significant change within their organization.

Along with Forrester Research Inc., two of our key clients – Lancome and The Rockport Company – are featured and they conducted an interesting, informative webinar exploring the topic of Continuous Optimization.

These four enlightening, thought-provoking talks came from a highly-experienced group armed with plenty of real life cases and instances where Optimization has led to significant change within their organization.

As previously mentioned, James McCormick is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research Inc. and he spoke specifically on The Strategic Value of Continuous Optimization.

Zee Aganovic, the chief executive of HiConversion shared his view on the concept that The Digital Commerce Playbook is Broken and how we at HiConversion can offer solutions to solve it.

Grant McAuslan,  Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Development of The Rockport Company offered some key findings from the Key Learnings From a Multi-Year Optimization Effort his organization conducted with HiConversion.

Finally, Malik Abu-Ghazaleh, Assistant VP of Interactive Marketing and Commerce at Lancôme, imparted his deep knowledge around Lancome’s Insights into the checkout funnel optimization journey with HiConversion.

Click here to enjoy the full webinar.

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