Grow new revenue by continuously improving your Shopify checkout.

eCommerce checkouts are the critical step between you and making money online – your team did the hard work of getting visitors to the site but how do you know if your checkout actually converts?

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Honestly, is this the best way to increase checkout conversions?

You’ve shared all the how-to-guides with your team, hired the expensive agency, hell you even tried to fix it yourself. We’ve been there too – “maybe this time it’s gonna work!”.

Experience a better way with Checkout Zen™

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Other analytics tools aren’t helping.

Web analytics tools like Google track a limited number of checkout metrics and are hard to configure for measuring how customers actually want to buy.

Too few metrics, hiding your real checkout story

Complex and time consuming to set-up

Not designed specifically for eCommerce

“Fingers crossed!” kills conversions.

Making random, manual changes to your checkout – without understanding the impact – risks massively increasing cart abandonment rates.

Waste of valuable time & money

You’ll either get lucky or be wrong

If you’re lucky, you’ll never know why


BTW, all of this is costing you up-to 10% in new revenue

Not to mention the effort it takes to analyze your site’s checkout performance, find out what’s wrong with it and how to make improvements.

No-one has time to be an expert at this.

Checkout Zen™ is like having your own special team of checkout conversion experts. And it only takes ‘one-click’.

After you’ve installed it, you’ll see exactly where your checkout can be improved and understand how your checkout performance compares to the market. This is done through our patent-pending checkout scoring technology.

You’re one app away from revenue peace-of-mind

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Fix checkout conversion problems

Easily make data informed decisions about your checkout with real-time metrics like conversion rate, cart abandonment rate, and segmentation by devices.

👍 Only Checkout Zen™ shows you where to focus.


Measure your checkout’s health

Once you’ve installed the Checkout Zen™ app, you’ll see your most important checkout data visualized in a way that actually makes sense.

👍 Your score is backed by patent-pending science.

Checkout Zen KPIs for Shopify


Make more money online 

Send visitors into a checkout experience that actually works for them – from payments to devices, appealing to customer preferences can have big impacts on your conversions.

👍 Stop guessing and optimize your checkout with data.

Shopify merchants are already growing revenue with Checkout Zen™, when will you?

Until now there’s been no dedicated app for checkout analytics, trends and optimization. For 10+ years we’ve been developing technology to help merchants create winning shopping experiences that grow sales.

We’ve made it SUPER easy to start growing revenue

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What is Checkout Zen™?

Checkout Zen™ is a specialized eCommerce analytics app that helps merchants measure and improve the performance of their online checkout.


How Checkout Zen™ helps your eCommerce website

Checkout Zen™ scores give eCommerce brands a fast and objective measurement of the checkout funnel performance.


What is Cart Abandonment Rate?

High Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR) is one of the biggest drains on your profitability. Your marketing team is working super hard to drive traffic to your site.