Adaptive Algorithms

Creating a better customer experience with AI.

Learn. Adapt. Exceed.

Cut out lag times and leave underperforming treatments behind.

HiConversion’s powerful AI-driven testing and experience delivery continually optimizes your site in real time by prioritizing treatments that increase revenue per visit (RPV).


Automatically Optimized Experiences

Machine learning algorithms intelligently push winning treatments and pull those costing you money.

Next Level Testing

Reactive adjustments are made automatically based on ever-changing customer behavior.

Dynamic Site Improvement

Update your site at the speed of mobile eCommerce.

Implement an easier path to purchase.

Visitor preferences are constantly changing and customers face obstacles on their journey to conversion. HiConversion’s robust multivariate experimentation uncovers critical insights into the visitor experience while our smart algorithms alleviate key friction points. Increase lift, minimize risk – it’s that simple.

Personalize to your visitor’s needs.

The age of the static shopping experience is over. Integrate a constantly evolving path to purchase that adapts to visitor behavior and preferences while optimizing for highest possible conversion rate. Enjoy the benefits of deep, data-driven experimentation without the drawbacks of traditional testing.

Adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

The only constant in modern eCommerce is change. Establish a shopping experience as dynamic as your buyers through smart personalization and reactive permutations. Just press play and allow HiConversion to carefully measure thousands of possibilities while prioritizing treatments that best fit the individual customer.

Create better customer experiences.

Analyze a number of treatments concurrently by leveraging the power of multivariate testing. HiConversion’s intelligent algorithms open the door to significant revenue lift by compounding successful changes to the buyer’s path to purchase. Effortlessly target friction points and optimize your site for maximum revenue per visit (RPV).

Powerful Alone. Unstoppable Together.

Let’s work together to close the mobile conversion gap and create a more efficient, engaging path to purchase!