Experience Analytics

Understand and optimize your customer journey.

Actionable insights. Instantly.

Learn from your customers and make impactful, data-driven decisions.

HiConversion’s data visualizations allow you to simplify analysis and get a complete view of visitor behavior on your site.



Data architecture that grows with your site and the mobile optimization community.


Templates minimize experiment setup complexity and effort.

Deep Learning

Multi-merchant data roll-up provides shared insights into industry-wide results.

Capture customer actions and reactions.

Your growing business needs scalable data architecture to keep up with the nearly infinite number of combinations that affect your customer journey. HiConversion was built specifically to gather this data and present it in an accessible, digestible format.

Unify your analytics from a single platform.

Conventional data tools are disjointed and bolted on, creating a disconnect between the data sets. HiConversion integrates natively with your site to deliver comprehensive cross-program analysis complete with testing and personalization data.

See clearly and alleviate friction points.

4D visualizations empower you to see every angle of your path to purchase and where performance needs a boost. Increase analysis speed, unlock new insights into your shopping experience, and target key obstacles blocking your visitors from conversion.

Open new doors to customer success.

Explore quality of site traffic, measure effectiveness of site design, monitor visitor pathways, and much more with a library of powerful optimization tools.

Powerful Alone. Unstoppable Together.

Let’s work together to close the mobile conversion gap and create a more efficient, engaging path to purchase!