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Expert help on as needed basis.

Our consulting services are designed to provide strategic success for your business with HiConversion. With resources provided from our elite experts, this cost effective and goal-oriented service is intended to help you fill the gaps in the skill set of your team and to harness the maximum value of customer experience optimization for your business.

The HiConversion experts dedicated to your success:

Optimization Success Manager: An Optimization Success Manager (OSM) on the Premier Services Team provides strategic customer experience optimization advice as well as helps plan, build, and manage two full funnel multivariate customer experience optimization campaigns per year. Working with an optimization success manager on our Premier Services team is like having an in-house optimization project manager. The OSM is 100% focused on making sure you are able to see success. In addition, your OSM will serve as your primary contact and internal advocate here at HiConversion.

Software Consultant: A Software Consultant (SC) will assist with complex campaign implementations. Access of up to 8 hours of dedicated Software Consulting per month ensures that any optimization campaigns setup are as seamless as possible.

Dedicated Account Manager: A Dedicated Account Manager (DAM) to assist via phone or email with general technical support questions related to your HiConversion Subscription. Familiar with your HiConversion account and custom implementation, the DAM will be able to resolve your technical roadblocks faster as well as provide strategic guidance to avoid any potential roadblocks on the horizon.

Here’s what’s included:

Customer obsession is a paradigm shift. To succeed you need to arm yourself with a broad range of expert skills.


Use HiConversion’s CX Analytics to determine the weak links in the customer experience.


Assistance with running continuous customer experience optimization programs.


Sharing best practices for data-driven hypothesis development and campaign designs.


Use HiConversion’s CX Analytics to provide feedback to your marketing team about most profitable audiences and channels.


Establishing priorities and campaign objectives for systematic continuous optimization of customer experience.


White glove turnkey optimization services that include analysis, design, implementation, monitoring, and reporting.


Leverage HiConversion’s technical resources for custom variable programming, data integration, or account configurations.


Win in the board room through strategic insights and in-depth analysis of your optimization results


Empowering your team with the ability to directly use advanced capabilities of the HiConversion optimization technology.


Cost: $10,000 + per engagement
Billing: billed up front – payment: net 10 days
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This service is for you if:

green-checkmark You have gaps in the skill set of your team
green-checkmark You have temporary labor shortage
green-checkmark You want to elevate your optimization strategy

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