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Why Experience Manager?

This is the simplest way to empower UX and eCommerce teams.

Quick Website Fixes


 Take ownership over never ending ‘rough edges’ on your website. Use our visual point-and-click interface to directly make changes without IT dependency.

Agile UX Innovation


Avoid big, expensive, and risky website redesign projects. Instead, let your UX team continually innovate every aspect of the customer experience.

Post-Test Staging


Be cautious. Before you permanently deploy a test winner you should apply virtual implementation first to verify that the past results will continue to hold.

How it works?


One-time Integration

This is the only technical step. It can be as easy as flipping the switch and activating the integration connector. Click here to request our FREE assistance.


Ongoing Changes

You will use the visual design tools. Behind the scene our system generates code that performs just-in-time web page changes in the visitor browser.


Embedded Analytics

No need for custom tracking tags. All changes are automatically tracked enabling you to easily analyze the performance of every site change.

Key Capabilities

Visual site editing

It is as simple as using your computer mouse to point-and-click on the area of the page that you want to modify then editing content through our rich text editor.


Visual Editor

Device specific changes

Refine responsive or dedicated mobile sites through the ability to introduce page changes that are specific to different devices.

Impact analytics

The experience manager automatically tracks the impact of your site changes helping your team to continually learn and improve.


Quality Assurance

Before going live you can test the experience changes by clicking on test url links. It is safe and reliable. Only a person who has these links can force the page changes on the live site.

High Value


Unleash collaboration and creativity of UX and marketing teams.


Create variations of the site for different devices or audiences.


Make direct site changes to continually innovate your e-commerce.

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Ease Of Use

Out of box experience

To eliminate the need for any training we provide experience setup templates. All you have to do is to pick a type of change on the website and the tool will guide you along the way.

Use Case Template_1

Smart wizards

Use case templates tell you what actions you need to take to make a website change. To provide further support you, each template comes with a smart wizard that guides you at each step while providing feedback about things missing or not done right.

Site changes

Similar to a typical rich text editor you will be able to select the area of the page and then apply visual changes. Once you go live, your edits will be translated into a set of instructions that will perform your changes just in time as it renders at the individual browser level.


So what makes us different?


One time integration followed by a lifetime of visual site changes. No IT needed.


General or segment specific changes to the site content, layout, or add-on apps.


Ability to measure and analyze the impact of the site changes.

Think big – start small

Experience Manager is designed to do for website UX and functionality what tag-management has done for adding web applications. By eliminating unnecessary IT work it has made both the business and technical teams more productive.

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* No Credit Card Required