Customer Experience Optimization Platform


Unique Capabilities

Our product features may look similar to other optimization softwares, but our methodology and ultimate value are very different.


Artificial Intelligence

New possibilities

The ability to detect and adapt to visitor preferences in real time dramatically expands what can be optimized, reduces risk, maximizes lift, and shortens the time to results.



Real results

Unified optimization across multiple treatments, campaigns, or steps in buying journey ensures directly measurable results and accurate attribution.


CX Analytics

Real insights

Out-of-the-box CX Analytics: integrated general web analytics and optimization data sets that provide a complete customer experience picture and deep actionable insights.

Subscription Plans

SaaS licensing plans for companies of any size

Free Plan


Evaluate: For professionals and agencies who desire to test drive Hiconversion’s platform.

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Time limited access to all product features. Ability to run 1 experience with 1 live treatment at a time.



Engage: For small teams and agencies who need an ad-hoc testing and personalization solution.

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Ability to license a subset of essential applications and to run up to 10 live treatments at a time.


up to 100,000 web visits / month

Experiment: For mid-sized brands who desire to build an effective testing and personalization program.

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Advanced analytics in combination with power testing and personalization.  Unlimited number of experiences at a time.


up to 250,000 web visits / month

Optimize: For leading brands who are committed to customer-powered business strategy.

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Business edition + AI algorithms, whole customer experience optimization, and customer experience analytics.

Your Value

Technology innovations to enhance the ease of use and the impact of your customer experience optimization efforts.


Embedded analytics

Embedded analytics to detect weak links and design data driven treatments.


Integration connectors

Fast onboarding, no custom tagging – your data lights up directly out of box.


Wizard-driven templates

No training required. Fast and simple campaign setup process.


Visual tools

Designed for business users. It eliminates dependency on IT resources.


Intelligence and automation

No need to babysit your experiments. The AI algorithms will minimize the risks.


CX data integration

Cross campaign and multi-application customer experience analysis.


Our professional services team is available to assist at every step of your customer experience optimization project.

  • Implementation: Adding a small snippet of a code or activation of an eCommerce connector is a simple and quick task. We provide implementation assistance FREE of charge.
  • Onboarding: We provide a 90 day client onboarding program design to allow development of the optimization roadmap, train the key team members, and introduce testing and personalization best practices.
  • Fully Managed Services: This is ‘white glove’ professional services assistance aimed at extending your internal team with a team of HiConversion experts.

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Customer experience optimization is a big topic.
Speak to us and we guarantee that this will be time well spent.