What is eCommerce Intelligence?

It’s data analytics, testing, personalization, and machine learning – working together to help merchants maximize the value of every visitor interaction.

A new eCommerce era is upon us

The shifts in the way people shop, in effectiveness of online marketing, and in technology innovations are rapidly reshaping the online world:

👉  Experience economy: how you sell is more important than what you sell.

👉  Rapid growth: 10 yrs’ expansion in 3 months.

👉  Social: explosive usage – diminishing online marketing ROI.

👉  Mobile: unpredictable buying journey – low conversions.


To thrive, brands must adapt to increasing complexity and pace of change. 

Widening the innovation gap

Market leaders are going through a major technology upgrade. The problem – many merchants are not well positioned to effectively adopt new technologies:

❌  Human factor: retailers are not technologists – limited IT resources.

❌  Fragmentation: disjointed solutions and data.

❌  Limited know-how: inability to effectively utilize data and tech.

❌  Budget constraints: solutions require a high up front commitment.

❌  Risk aversion: retailers can’t afford technology risks.


It’s not surprising that only 10% of retailers – with more than $5M in annual revenue – are using the tech required to win in the new eCommerce era.

eCommerce Intelligence is the answer

A unified technology model, giving merchants access to the advanced features needed to compete and thrive in the new eCommerce era.

✅  Unification: applications and data working as one.

✅  Intelligence: the best-of-breed machine learning.

✅  Automated: easy-to-use technology.

✅  High ROI: pays for itself many times over.

✅  Affordability: low up-front investment.


The HiConversion eCommerce Intelligence™ Platform

Bringing together – the normally disjointed – experience analytics, testing and personalization applications into a single unified optimization solution. Easily integrate into your eCommerce site to stage delightful shopping experiences in real time, driving new revenue from your existing web traffic. With HiConversion, you’ll start seeing results in days.

Simple on the outside

HiConversion eCommerce Intelligence Platform dashboard screenshot

‘Netflix-like’ interface – breaking down the barrier to technology adoption with a family of easy to use applications, actionable insights, and recommended projects.

Powerful on the inside

HiConversion eCommerce Intelligence™ operating model

Fully integrated best-in-class machine learning, analytics, and optimization capabilities.

“We consider the ability to continually engage with customers and learn from their reactions to be our strategic competitive advantage.”

Director of eCommerce, Timex


Director of eCommerce, Timex

What makes HiConversion different?

One platform, many solutions

We unify data and apps – across your entire experience optimization tech stack – into an advanced, easy-to-use, platform.

Real-time personalization

We turbo-charge product discovery experience with recommendations driven by live customer behavior data – all powered by the same algorithms used on Amazon.com.

Adaptive optimization

We dramatically increase conversion lift while minimizing risk of testing with predictive, real-time parallel experimentation – backed by patented AI.
Checkout Zen app for Shopify by HiConversion checkout score example

Template library

We remove the effort required to setup experiments with templated UX – encoded with expert knowledge and smart practices.

Industry benchmarks

We enable you to prioritize your CRO efforts by revealing how your critical eCommerce KPIs stack up against market averages.

Embedded Analytics

We unify web visitor, sales, and application data to provide an indisputably accurate and complete picture of your eCommerce shopping experiences.
HiConversion customers' logos; including Timex Watches, Tula Skincare, and P&G

Proven, analyst verified benefits*


mobile revenue increase


desktop revenue increase


net present value

*Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI)

See eCommerce Intelligence in action

Learn how HiConversion can help you effortlessly measure, manage, and improve your online shopping experience.

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The Power of eIQ

Learn how HiConversion and eCommerce Intelligence can help you grow your competitive advantage and new revenue while avoiding the pitfalls of fragmented solutions.