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One-part rocket scientist, two-parts rock star

By participating in the PayPal Mobile Checkout Optimization pilot, you can be both a rocket scientist and a rock star. How? By delivering expertise into the intricacies of the modern customer experience while inspiring fanatical worship from your merchant customers.

All because you gave your eCommerce clients insight into what their visitors want, when they want it.

Okay, that may be overstating things a bit. But the value is real. By partnering with PayPal, Magento and HiConversion in this groundbreaking pilot program, you will:

1. Dominate the competition by delivering intrinsic value to your merchant clients that decreases checkout friction and boosts conversions.

2. Leverage mobile checkout optimization best practices to generate incremental revenue from your existing client base.

3. Expand your agency’s service offering to include strategic and tactical solutions to help strengthen customer loyalty and increase retention for your client base and your merchants.

Know the best part? It costs nothing for your merchant clients to participate in PayPal’s Mobile Checkout Optimization pilot . Simply fill out the form below and a HiConversion team member will be in touch to launch you into the program.