Coupon Collapse


Coupon codes are a popular sales tactic in online shopping — so much so that there are entire sites now entirely dedicated to revealing coupon codes for shoppers. But when the option to use coupons during checkout is made too prominent, shoppers can become easily distracted and fail to complete their purchase. This experiment recognizes that and provides merchants with the ability to collapse the coupon field to minimize distraction during the checkout process.





*These results reflect the average findings of all participating merchants and are not guaranteed for all users.

The Experiment in Action



What We Are Doing

Existing coupon and gift card fields were collapsed to create a simplified cart page. By doing so, merchants are able to continue to provide the coupon options while ultimately focusing attention on the checkout button.

Why We Are Doing It

Many shoppers do not have a gift card or coupon code to redeem. As such, an open field may inadvertently encourage shoppers to leave the site to hunt for coupon codes (and not return to complete the transaction). Community learnings have also revealed that simplification of the cart and checkout pages generally (nothing in eCommerce is an always!) produce positive results.

Analysis of Data

What It Means

Making coupon and discount codes available, but not prominent to the point of distraction, leads to boosts in RPV (and every metric) across all device types. The data shows that collapsing coupon fields doesn’t deter shoppers from using their coupons and also encourages other shoppers to complete their purchases.

Who Should Use It

The Collapse Coupon Experiment is a great experiment option for merchants who currently have a prominent gift card and/or discount code input fields on the checkout page.

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