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The offering

An exclusive turnkey solution for the optimization of your entire checkout funnel – in real time.

Let us help you grow your revenue and the customer knowledge:

  • shopping cart abandonment analysis
  • design and technical implementation of a multivariate campaign
  • live optimization for up to 60 days.

There is no risk. 30 day money back guarantee.


Exclusive optimization solution

No other vendor is offering this combination of the expert knowledge, technology, and professional services.


Professional Services

Integration: all you have to do is activate our integration connector.
Optimization Campaign: we will perform all work to analyze, design, implement, QA, run and monitor the full funnel multivariate optimization campaign on your checkout funnel.


Cart Abandonment Rate Analytics

By activating our integration connector, you will automatically receive out-of-box access to our Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR) Analytics application. This enables us to examine your checkout funnel from many different angles and to also design the most effective optimization campaign.


4D Optimization™ Software

Our 4D Optimization™  technology is the truly unique element of this offering. This technology learns and then adapts to visitor preferences – in real time. This minimizes the risk of optimization because any bad optimization options are automatically filtered out.

Unmatched value

Reduction in your shopping cart abandonment rate will positively impact your bottom line — this is your unique opportunity to leverage the market’s most innovative optimization technology and services.

Low risk

This is a high value package delivered at a deep discount:


CAR analytics:
Enterprise onboarding:
Optimization campaign:
4D Optimization*:



Promo discount:


Your total:


* SaaS license fee based on 1,000,000 visits/month and for 2 months of service – see our Pricing.

High upside

Revenue growth: Improving your shopping cart abandonment rate is the most direct way to grow your digital commerce revenues.

Customer knowledge: insights into customer preferences are just as important in achieving revenue lift.

Access to the market’s leading technology: HiConversion is an innovative company whose patented technology serves some of the biggest brands in the world.

Access to the leading optimization best practices: our professional services team will share our REAL Optimization™ process and VALUE Optimization™ strategy – and guide you through the process of designing and running future optimization campaigns on your own.


30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

We will work to ensure you receive all of the value you expect from our offering. However, if for any reason during your initial 30 days of engagement with our company you are in anyway unsatisfied or you do not like our optimization approach (or anything else), you are absolutely free to cancel the project and request your money back.

How does it work?

Simple implementation.  Very low impact on your workload.

Simple integration: All you have to do is to activate our integration connector (which could be a generic tag or e-commerce platform specific integration cartridge).

HiConversion virtualization: No IT support is needed. All your optimization work will be done by our professional services team – without any dependency on your e-commerce platform or technical assistance from your side.

What is included?

License to use HiConversion software:

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate web analytics
  • Customer Experience Optimization

Professional services:

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment funnel analysis
  • Optimization campaign design (a multi-page, multivariate campaign with up to 12 web element changes)
  • All technical services necessary to implement the optimization campaign
  • Quality assurance
  • Ongoing account management
  • Initial learnings, reporting about campaign results, insights and follow up recommendations

Rules of engagement

Campaign length: up to 60 days of live optimization or up to two million visitor sessions, whichever comes first;

Payment: up-front payment in full;

Agreement start date: the day your payment is received;

Timely connector installation: it is your responsibility to install our connector within the first 30 days of the agreement start date;

Revisions: up to three campaign design revisions;

Client response time: 48 hours – loss of the right on 1 campaign design revision each time client’s response is longer than 48 hours;

HiConversion response time: 24-hour response time during the campaign design/review phase – each delay beyond the 24-hour response time limit will extend the online optimization duration by one extra day;

Indemnification: you will hold HiConversion , its members of the Board of Directors, investors, affiliates, and employees harmless from any damages, claims, liabilities, and costs, or losses of any kind or nature whatsoever, which may in any way arise from the participation in this offering.

Terms of use: participants accept HiConversion’s legal terms provided at Terms of Use section of

No exceptions:  by signing your agreement with us, you accept the above rules unconditionally and without reservation.


Used by the world’s biggest online brands

We deliver proven results. Our technology and services were featured at Demandware XChange Conference, Las Vegas, April 2015.


Lancôme: Adaptive optimization of the checkout funnel

Why: Lancôme’s shopping cart abandonment rate was going in the wrong direction year over year.

How: Lancôme used HiConversion’s adaptive 4D Optimization™ technology and VALUE Optimization™ strategy.

What: HiConversion performed a full funnel optimization campaign that produced a sustainable 21% lift.

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Q: We already use another testing and personalization solution. Can your offering work in parallel?

Yes. The only requirement is that our optimization solution and your testing and personalization solution should not treat the same pages at the same time.

Q: Who will design the optimization campaign, create necessary assets, and technically implement the campaign?

We will do all you need to perform a full, turnkey optimization of your checkout funnel. Your role can be as minimal as simply a meeting to tell us about your optimization ideas and learn how we will work together, approval of the final version of the campaign, and a meeting at the conclusion to review our campaign report.

Q: Will you allow us to try our own optimization ideas?

Yes. During the kick-off meeting we will stimulate your input. We want to benefit from your prior experience and brand intimacy knowledge. However, we reserve the right not to accept your ideas that are technically complex or risky. We will certainly evaluate your suggestions and if deemed non-acceptable we will communicate back our ‘why not’ reason.

Q: What kind of lift should we expect as result of this optimization campaign?

Unfortunately we can’t promise a specific results because every situation has its own set of unique circumstances. The majority of our clients are getting a single digit lift from the first campaign and a smaller percentage are getting a double digit lift. Keep in mind – optimization is a journey where your your goal is to continually learn and improve. Those that commit to continuous optimization are guaranteed to produce the great long term results.

Q: Why do we need to pay up front?

We need to know that you are serious about your desire to reduce your cart abandonment rate and that this is a high priority for your company. Keep in mind – there is no risk with your up-front payment. If you decide to change your mind, you have 30 days from the date of the kick-off meeting to do it.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

You can use a credit card or a check. We will schedule your kick-off meeting once we have received payment. The sooner that occurs, the sooner we will begin your campaign.

Q: Will you monitor the progress of our optimization campaign?

Yes. Our services team will closely follow the progress of your campaign and keep you informed about its status. We will also let you know  if we think that additional actions are needed to steer the campaign in a better direction.

Q: Will you have control over your optimization system?

Yes. You will have direct access to the campaign management control panel that will enable you to pause optimization with a simple point-and-click action.

Q: To set our expectations, how quickly will you be able go live with our checkout funnel optimization campaign?

Our goal is to go live within two weeks from the date of the first kick-off meeting. The sooner you sign up – the sooner we can act on your behalf. Please keep in mind: the speed at which you review our campaign designs and revisions will impact just how soon you can implement the Demandware LINK cartridge.


30 day money-back guarantee.

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