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Top 3 Reasons For A/B Testing

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Low conversion rate

e-Commerce companies are challenged by low conversion rates. You can’t compete by just spending more money to buy more traffic.



Identify ‘kinks’ in your sales funnel first and then test different ideas to continually increase your conversion rate.

Poor UX

An external usability study or internal review is critical of your site’s UX or functionality. You can’t ignore this feedback and do nothing.



Create a competition of ideas between different teams. Nobody is right or wrong until proven otherwise.

High cart abandonment

Commonly, 60% or 70% of visitors who selected a product to purchase are abandoning the online cart. This is not sustainable.



Experiment with every aspect of your checkout. Small changes can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Ease Of Use

A/B Test Templates

To eliminate the need for any application training we provide test setup templates. All you have to do is to pick a type of A/B test you want to run.


A/B Test Composer

Test templates are managed by our Composer application.  This is a smart wizard interface that guides you at each step while providing feedback about any things that are missing or not done right.

Test Treatments

The treatment module enables creation of the test variations of the content, style, layout, or functionality of your web pages. This is where you can make site changes without any programming.


How it works?


One-time Integration

This is an admin task. All you need to do is to activate our Magento verified connector. Click here to request our FREE assistance.


Virtual Changes

You will use the visual design tools. Behind the scene our system generates code that performs just-in-time web page changes in the visitor browser.


Embedded Analytics

No need for custom tracking tags. All changes are automatically tracked enabling you to easily analyze the performance of every site change.

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Key Capabilities

Visual Editor

It is as simple as using your computer mouse to point-and-click on the area of the page that you want to modify then editing content through our rich text editor.



Multi-Device Testing

Refine responsive or dedicated mobile sites through the ability to run tests that are specific to different form factors.

CX Analytics

Our A/B Testing solution comes with built-in customer experience (CX) Analytics. No need for complicated integration into 3rd party web analytics. 


Quality Assurance

Before going live you can test new treatments by clicking on test url links. It is safe and reliable. Only a person who has these links can force the page changes on the live site.

So what makes us different?


This is a simple administrative task to activate a Magento verified integration connector.


Not all A/B Testing tools are created equal. We built ours with the goal of serving non-technical business users.


We unify web analytics and experience data sets to deliver deep insights and accurate attribution.

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Strategic Value


No IT dependency. Now you or your team can use our visual point-and-click interfaces to design A/B tests within a couple of hours.


Making site redesigns is expensive and risky. Instead, test to continually innovate UX and functionality.


Increasing conversion rates is great. Knowing true customers preferences: priceless.

Think Big – Start Small

Our FREE A/B Testing is a door opener for the exciting world of customer experience optimization.

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