Path to Purchase Health Check

Detect where and why you are losing web visitors on their path to purchase.


Increase marketing ROI

Uncover ‘kinks’ and prioritize actions

Experiment and personalize experiences

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Why path to purchase health check?

Marketing ROI

uncover profitable audiences

Analyze your demand generation marketing campaigns in multiple dimensions.


detect and quantify weak links

Examine your sales funnel to detect ‘kinks’ and to prioritize your UX changes or testing experiments.


make data driven decisions

Use visitor engagement data to modify, test, or personalize your underperforming page classes.

How It Works?

Out-of-box solution.



Super simple. Just add HiConversion’s small tag to all your web pages.


Collect Data

Let it run for a week or longer until you collect enough data.



View dozens of actionable and easy to understand charts.

Chart Examples

The following are just a few of many high value charts produced by the scan.

Path Visualization

Different visitors are starting their journeys at different entry points and than taking different shopping paths.

In the example on the right you can see a color coded visualization of visitor flows before and after cart page. This information will help you identify ‘kinks’ and take proactive actions to improve the results.


Engagement Map

Visitor engagement metrics provide clues for improvements.

The chart on the right correlates visitor engagements with desired results. Bubble sizes are proportional to the number of clicks. Bubble color indicates the outcome of the engagement. This information provides pointers for experiment hypothesis or  for new page UX designs.

Channel Performance

Each marketing channel is producing a different quality of traffic.

The chart on the left shows 2-metric analysis. Bubble sizes are proportional to the number of visitors. Bubble location is relative to the average values of bounce rate and RPV. In this example the paid search channel underperforms in both metrics.


free health check

What’s Included?

Out-of-box solution with all the assistance you might need.


Free Account

By signing up you will activate free access to HiConversion’s customer experience optimization platform.


Free Assistance

The implementation is as simple as adding an integration connector or a small snippet of code to your web pages.


Free Review

A few weeks after the start of your data collection we can meet and help you to understand the results better.