How Merchants Can Get Involved

Optimize every part of your checkout funnel scalable through a community-based approach.

The Mobile Optimization Initiative provides access to eCommerce System Integrators (SIs), technology providers, and global eCommerce leaders to help merchants conduct experiments and grow revenue.

What’s Included?

Qualified merchants will have access to resources and support through our Initiative sponsors:
  • Use of the HiConversion software for 60 days
  • Support from experienced conversion optimization specialists
  • Access to 122 pre-designed optimization experiments
  • Global insights into mobile optimization trends

What to Expect

Once you’ve signed up, here’s what you can expect:

The Mobile Optimization Initiative gives you a competitive advantage without any cost to you or your clients.

A short javascript will be installed to monitor conversions on your site for 2-4 weeks

Free access to HiConversion software

Introduction to an eCommerce SI expert participating in the initiative

Ability to identify weak customer experience points

Ongoing access to shared insights from participating merchants and SIs in the initiative

What Are You Waiting For? Join Today

Gain access to actionable data from real-life experiments conducted by merchants—just like you—and learn how small changes to your checkout funnel can have a big impact on your bottom line.What are you waiting for?