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Before: The playbook is BROKEN

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After: Customer knowledge driven business

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  • Low productivity: Disjointed team efforts
  • Fragmented customer experiences: Ad hoc testing and personalization is hurting sales
  • Low customer knowledge: Challenges with capabilities of the web analytics – you have to ‘shoot in dark’
  • No accountability: What you can’t measure you can’t manage – non-accurate attribution
  • IT dependency: Ongoing technical work is taxing limited resources and stifling innovation


  • High productivity: Collaborative team efforts
  • Adaptive customer experiences: Whole experience optimization for sustainable revenue growth
  • Deep customer knowledge: Out-of-box customer experience analytics for data driven decisions
  • Directly measurable ROI: Integrated analytics and optimization for accurate results and attribution
  • Empowerment: No IT dependencies, visual point-and-click tools for non-tech users that stimulate agility and innovation
Let Us Tell You More

Directly measurable optimization results

Adaptive Customer Experience Optimization is a low risk and a high upside initiative. There are no gimmicks. If the solution does not pay for itself, you should cancel the subscription.

Low Risk

Commonly the break-even point is <1% in revenue lift.

High Upside


Risk reducers:

  • Freemium pricing model: ‘Kick the tires’ and verify our value on your site
  • Adaptive optimization: Unlike ‘dumb’ split testing our solution filters out the bad treatments which minimizes the risk of testing
  • Simple integration: Just activate our connector for your e-commerce platform or our universal tag
  • High probability of improvement: With our broad multivariate optimization ‘net’ it is hard not to catch wins
  • Minimum business process interruption:  Start small and then grow the optimization initiative in stages that fit your needs

Value enhancers:

  • Freemium pricing model: Reducing the product adoption and learning time line
  • Adaptive optimization: Ensuring sustainable growth and high lifetime customer value
  • Simple integration: Eliminating the need for additional site tagging and analytics provisioning
  • High probability of improvement: Unleashing innovation and cross team collaboration
  • Minimum business process interruption: Complimenting and amplifying your team efforts

The risk of doing nothing

The digital commerce landscape is rapidly changing. The opportunistic players who treat online sales as just another channel of distribution are being replaced by companies that view digital commerce as a strategic business. There is an arms race where companies buy advanced technologies and use customer knowledge as competitive advantage.

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