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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we use our tag management solution to inject your tag into our site?

Yes if your tag management solution can inject our tag into <head> section of the web page. Unfortunately, many major tag management solutions can only place tags in the <body> section of the page.

Q: Why is it that your tag must be placed on the <HEAD> section of our site?

The main purpose of our tag is to enable real time content and layout changes on your site. Therefore, our tag needs to load as soon as possible so that we can transform your web pages without any page flicker (i.e. user seeing one page element being replaced with a new one).

Q: How can we test if your tag is properly implemented?

Our solution enables tag implementation testing. Just go to HiConversion’s console and Admin > Tag Integration section to run the test.

Q: What happens if your service is down? Will our site go down?

You and your visitors will not be able to visually detect any abnormalities. Our tag operates in asynchronous mode enabling unaltered page content to load in parallel. In the unlikely case that HiConversion’s service is offline, web browsers will ignore our script and render the unchanged web page as if we do not exist at all.

Q: What kind of data will you collect on our site?

Our integration is designed to collect only non-sensitive data. This includes visitor session meta data about pages visited, time on site, actions taken, products purchased, … Please check our Privacy Policy for more information.

Q: How often do you update your tag?

The universal tag will not be changing at all. The native integration capabilities might change from time to time to stay in sync with the new capabilities of evolving e-commerce platforms. However, we will always be backwards compatible so that you can update your integration at your own choosing.