Quality Assurance Testing

We enable safe virtual Quality Assurance testing on a live website.


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Live Quality Assurance Testing

Multivariate optimization introduces many simultaneous website changes that can combined in unexpected and unintended ways.

We enable Quality Assurance testing on the live website through use of special optimization hyperlinks that perform virtual variable rendering on the device or browser of your choice. Only the person who is using these special links will be able to force and view the optimization variables.

e-Optimizer® QA URL List

e-Optimizer® QA Link Generation Menu

Advanced QA Features

We give you full control of a broad number of quality testing parameters so that you can generate QA links that simulate how multiple variable combinations will render for different visitor segments.

This ensures that the campaign is properly configured and that simultaneous page changes do not create unexpected conflicts.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Detecting an issue is the first step in ensuring the high quality of the optimization process. To help you solve the problems we provide advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting features through specialty hyperlinks.

Once activated, these links provide ‘debugging’ screens that document every step of the variable delivery process together with lists of self-detected issues.

e-Optimizer® diagnostics message

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