Your path to success

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Adaptive customer experience optimization is a transformative voyage for you and your site. Gain expert knowledge, facilitate cross team collaboration and be a key custodian of customer knowledge.


01 Start your journey

Action: Integration

Have your IT team activate the integration connector or embed our generic tag. This one-time intervention enables all web analytics and customer experience optimization capabilities.

Value received: Premium web analytics

As soon as integration is done, our systems begin collecting visitor activity data. With no custom tags, reporting or analysis, our analytics solution delivers unparalleled insight out-of-the-box.


02 Roadmap


Action: Prioritize optimization

Our ability to simultaneously optimize creates open-ended possibilities. To leverage that potential, utilize our web analytics insights in combination with your business goals to prioritize optimization efforts.

Value: Effective optimization path

The roadmap facilitates concentrated efforts in any underperforming areas and enables effective cross team buy-in and collaboration, better results, and, ultimately, systematic learning.

03 Engage

Action: Setup the optimization campaign

You can use best practices as well as inputs from other team members to define variations of the site that will participate in the optimization campaign.

Value: Freedom to experiment

The visual interface enables implementation without IT support. Multivariate optimization means the inclusion of multiple options provided by different team members – at the same time.


04 Amplify


Action: Steer the campaign in desired direction

Our optimization follows both the automated and user-controlled process. The algorithm exists simply to ensure day-to-day results are maximized. Concurrently, it allows you to step in at any time and reduce the number of options or group variables. It also permits you to virtually add new variations to squeeze a maximum value from each campaign.

Value: Full control

Use best practices and inputs from other team members to define variations of the site that will participate in the optimization campaign.

05 Learn

Action: Evaluate results

In addition to the real time revenue lift, our system provides you with many charts to ensure you better understand visitor preferences.

Value: Customer knowledge

The optimization is not a destination but rather a journey with many learning steps. This new knowledge is can be used to update your roadmap and continually optimize by introducing new data-driven variables.


06 Arrive


Action: Expand the reach

Once your optimization process is humming along, it should instantly open doors for collaboration with other teams in your group. This includes (but is not limited to) demand generation marketing, UX/Branding and product development. They will benefit from the salient customer insights produced by your optimization campaigns.

Value: Digital commerce as business strategy

Allowing cross-team collaboration and then using the customer knowledge from those optimization campaigns, you will elevate your digital commerce to more than merely a channel of distribution. Instead, it will be viewed as a customer preference lab whose insights should drive business strategy.