Ease of Use



Our visual designer allows for point-and-click campaign creation without any web page programming



(100% free to get started. No credit card required)

Use visual designer to minimize IT dependency

The designer interface enables visual point-and-click creation of optimization variables as well as instructions for custom goal-tracking and on-page data capture. Behind the scenes, the visual commands are encapsulated as lines of code for future delivery to the web visitor’s browser.

  • WYSIWYG support for multiple devices
  • Rich text editor
  • Custom goals

WYSIWYG support for multiple device types

The designer allows you to load live web pages, design changes, and preview how those changes will look on different types of devices.

  • Multi-device preview
  • Responsive sites
  • Mobile and tablet sites

Click to select page locations

The first step of a new campaign is identifying which areas of the web page should be optimized. The system automatically translates simple clicks into complex page location indices that are used during the virtual delivery of your optimization variables.

  • Zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities
  • Visual DOM tree indicator
  • Enable/disable hyperlinks

e-Optimizer® multivariate page locations

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Assign objects

You can assign multiple types of objects to the same page location or area. This enables you to make virtual content changes, capture data, or create custom goals.

  • Elements – identify physical elements of the page
  • Capture – capture the content of the location
  • Goal – set as click goal
  • Variable – combine multiple elements into a single variable
  • Landmark – identify a unique page component

Add or modify content

Our rich text editor enables easy content modifications. Advanced users could also use the associated HTML editor to make more refined web content changes.

  • Edit the existing content
  • Create new content
  • Copy and duplicate content

e-Optimizer® content modification menu


Add new graphical assets

Your brand and marketing assets can be hosted on either your e-Commerce platform or e-Optimizer’s Akamai CDN.

  • Simple asset management
  • Reliability and a high speed of delivery
  • Central control

Advanced provisioning

Use multi-step element changes to create more significant UI changes or orchestrate more complex kinds of page variations.

  • Layout changes through ability to move elements
  • CSS modifications
  • Style changes
  • Attribute changes

e-Optimizer® change provision menu


Add multi-element variables

Sometimes, it is essential to change multiple page elements at the same time. A good example of that is a change in font color and its dependency on background color. By combining font and background colors into a single variable, you will ensure the best user experience.

  • Variables can have multiple alternate values
  • Alternate values can involve multiple element changes
  • Element changes can be located on multiple pages

Add custom goals

Unlike traditional web analytics solutions where you need to add custom tags each time you decide to track a new event, with HiConversion you can visually provision custom goals without the need for any custom tagging.

  • On click goals
  • On load goals



Add data capture

Collect more advanced transactional data by provisioning simple data capture schema that ‘scrapes’ the content of the page and then indexes that content based on the type of data capture.

  • Custom setup
  • Transaction data
  • Non-personal meta data


(100% free to get started. No credit card required)