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Integration Cartridge

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Demandware Cartridge Activation

A simple one-time technical intervention.

Before your start …

1. Create HiConversion Account

If you do not have HiConversion Account already please

2. Get Site ID

Copy your site id from the site settings page in your account. You can get to it by using the dot menu or by clicking your site name in the upper right.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.57.38 PM

3. Download HiConversion’s H3.0 Demandware Cartridge

Click here to download.

Demandware Studio …

Use your IT staff or a Demandware system integrator to add HiConversion to your core site cartridge.

Note: HiConversion cartridge integration is a low risk initiative – however we still recommend that you add HiConversion’s cartridge to your sandbox or development instance first and that you go live only after performing a regression QA test on your staging environment.

Step 1: Import HiConversion’s cartridge

  • Open Demandware Studio
  • Click File->Import->General->Existing Files Into Workspace
Demandware Studio_File_1
  • Select Import Source
Demandware Studio_Select
  • Browse to the HiConversion_h30 directory, select and click FINISH
Demandware Studio_Import

Step 2: Link HiConversion’s cartridge

  • Click OK when prompted to link the cartridge to the sandbox (or staging, or production)
Link Cartridge
  • Select the server to link and Click Ok
Link Cartridge Select

Note: To make cartridge work on the Demandware instance of your choice you still need to go into the Business Manager to append HiConversion to the Effective Cartridge Pat. Please see the Business Manager section below.

3. Include HiConversion template in the core cartridge

  • Navigate to your site’s core cartridge htmlHead.isml file under cartridge/templates/default/components/header/htmlHead.isml and insert the HiConversion template at the top of the file as shown:
    <isinclude template=”util/HiConversionAnalytics.isml”/>
Demandware Core Cartridge

Business Manager …

This is a straightforward administrative task that can be done by you or your technical resource.

Note: To properly activate your cartridge you must have the admin access to Demandware’s Business Manager.

Step 1: Append HiConversion to the Effective Cartridge Path

  • Log into the Demandware Business Manager
  • Click Administration->Sites->Manage Sites
Business Manager_Manage Sites
  • Select the site from the list
Business Manager_Select Site
  • Click on the “Settings” Tab
      • In the instance type drop down, select the instance you wish to  deploy the cartridge to.
      • Append “:HiConversion_h30” to the Cartridges field.
      • Click Apply
Business Manager_Settings

Step 2: Import Cartridge’s Custom Site Preferences Data

  • Click Administration->Site Development->Import & Export Section (Not, Site Import & Export)
Business Manager_Import
  • Under Import & Export Files, click Upload
Business Manager_Upload
  • Click Browse… to select the Upload File and navigate to the HiConversion_h30 cartridge location.
  • Select the preferences.xml file under the metadata folder, click Open to close the browse dialog and then click Upload. The new file should appear in the list below the upload button.
  • Click the Back button to return to the Import & Export tab.
Business Manager_Preferences
  • Under Meta Data, click Import.
Business Manager_Meta Data
  • Select the file you just uploaded (preferences.xml) and click “Next”.Business Manager will run a schema validation check on the file.
Business Manager_extension import
  • Once the schema has been validated, click Import to import the site preferences for the HiConversion_h30 cartridge.
Business Manager_validate

Step 3: Site ID

  • In Business Manager click on Merchant tab and then on Site Preferences
Business Manager_Site Preferences
  • Click on Custom Preferences on the next screen
Business Manager_Site Preferences_1
  • Click edit for the HiConversion site preferences group
Business Manager_Site Preferences_Edit
  • Enter your account number in the value column for the preference with name “HiConversion Site ID” (see the Site ID section of this page to learn where to get your Site ID)
  • Click apply (Please ensure that the Enable HiConversion Cartridge checkbox is checked otherwise the cartridge will be disabled when you apply the preferences)
DW site preferences

Note: The 2.0 cartridge option is only for backward compatibility. New customers should ignore it.

Test Cartridge …

Use HiConversion’s utilities to easily test your connector activation.

Automated Test

Just go to HiConversion > Home  and click on ‘Test Tag’ button.

Test Cartridge - Demandware

End Result …

HiConversion’s Demandware LINK integration cartridge is designed to minimize the effort needed to collect web visitor activity data, to configure site properties, and to enable ongoing optimization without any IT support.

Data Collection

This one time cartridge integration eliminates the need for messy site tagging required by traditional web analytics solutions.

Site Map

The cartridge is designed to automatically detect site configuration properties, like conversion goals or page classes.

Virtual Customization

HiConversion’s visual point and click admin interface enables you to further customize your setup without need for any additional tagging or IT support.

Get FREE help with your integration

The HiConversion platform is friendly to integration and customization changes. Please feel free to request our FREE integration assistance.