Integrate HiConversion with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Implementation Guide

Follow these steps to install the HiConversion SFCC cartridge

1. Import the HiConversion cartridge into the UX Studio Workspace

A. Open UX Studio.
B. Click File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace
C. Browse to the link_hiconversion directory
D. Select the bm_hiconversion cartridge
E. Select a storefront cartridge specific to your reference architecture:
SiteGenesis Pipelines: int_hiconversion_pipelines
SiteGenesis Controllers: int_hiconversion
Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA): int_hiconversion_sfra
F. Click Finish
G. Click OK when prompted to link the cartridge to the sandbox
H. Select the server to link and click OK

2. For SiteGenesis implementations only:

Include HiConversion template in your site’s core cartridge htmlHead.isml file

A. Navigate to your site’s core cartridge htmlHead.isml file under cartridge/templates/default/components/header/htmlHead.isml and insert the HiConversion template at the top of the file as shown

<isinclude template=”util/HiConversionAnalytics.isml”/>

3. Add HiConversion to the Effective Cartridge Path.

A. Log into the Business Manager
B. Click Administration > Sites > Manage Sites – For each site listed in Business Manager that you want to install the cartridge on
C. Select the site from the list and click the Settings tab
D. In the Instance Type dropdown, select the instance you wish to deploy the cartridge to
E. Add int_hiconversion: or int_hiconversion_pipelines: or int_hiconversion_sfra: to the Cartridges field
F. Click Apply

4. Add bm_hiconversion to the Business Manager cartridge path

A. Click Administration > Sites > Manage Sites
B. Click the Business Manager link under the Business Manager Site title
C. In the Instance Type dropdown, select Sandbox/Development
D. Add bm_hiconversion to the Cartridges field
E. Click Apply

5. Configure permissions for bm_hiconversion

A. Click Administration > Organization > Roles & Permissions
B. For each role that should have permission to configure HiConversion’s configuration
i. Click the name of the role (example: Administrator)
ii. Click on the Business Manager Modules tab
iii. Under Sites, check off any sites that will be use HiConversion and click Apply
iv. Locate HiConversion in the list, and check the checkbox in that row
v. Scroll to the bottom and click Update
You’ll know this worked if you see HiConversion and its Configuration link within the Merchant Tools menu

6. Import the cartridge’s custom site preference and services configuration

A. Click Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export
B. Under Import Files, click Choose File
C. Navigate to the HiConversion folder
D. Select the file found inside the metadata folder, click Open to close the browse dialog and then click Upload. The new file should appear in the list below the upload button.
E. Click the radio button next to the metadata file, and click the Import button
F. When prompted “Are you sure that you want to import the selected archive?” click the OK button
G. To confirm the import worked, click the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen
The status should read “Success” upon successful completion.

7. Perform a regression test against the staging server to ensure the site is still behaving as you expect.

8. Perform a Data and Code Replication to Production.



While no configuration is strictly necessary, to gain access to your analytics information you must register for a free account with HiConversion and confirm your ownership of your web property. To configure using the Business Manager cartridge, use the following steps:

1. Log into the Business Manager

2. Click Merchant Tools > HiConversion > Configuration

3. If you have a HiConversion account already, enter your Site ID into the field and click Validate. If validated successfully, the HiConversion preferences will be set automatically. These are visible at the bottom of the configuration page.

4. If you do not have a HiConversion account, click the click here to set one up link

5. Enter your email address, web site url, and password into the form. Review the terms of service and privacy policy prior to submission.

6. Click the Create HiConversion Account button

If successful, the HiConversion preferences will be set automatically with your new Site ID. These are visible at the bottom of the configuration page.

To configure HiConversion manually, you may enter that into the account id value field under the custom site preferences by following these steps:

1. Log into the Business Manager

2. Under the Merchant Tools Section select Site Preferences (if you have not already done so, select the site you want to work with first)

3. Scroll down to Custom Preferences and click on it

4. Click to view the HiConversion site preferences group from the list

5. Enter your Site ID in the value column for the preference with name HiConversion Site ID. The Site ID can be found in the HiConversion web interface on the Site Settings Page. Please contact HiConversion if you need help finding your Site ID.

6. Click the Save button (ensure that the Enable HiConversion Cartridge checkbox is set to Yes).

End Result

HiConversion’s Salesforce integration is introduced to minimize the effort needed to collect web visitor activity data, to configure site properties, and to enable ongoing optimization without any IT support.

Data Collection

This one time connector activation replaces site tagging required by traditional web analytics solutions.

Virtual Customization

The connector is designed to automatically detect site configuration properties, like conversion goals or page classes.

Site Map

HiConversion’s visual point and click admin interface enables you to customize your setup without any need for additional tagging or IT support.


Note: The HiConversion cartridge makes no visible changes to your site by default. In this analytics-only mode, its functionality will be entirely transparent to the user. Run your regression tests to verify normal functionality. If you choose to upgrade to e-Optimizer, changes you have chosen to run on your site will be played by the e-Optimizer engine. Your test cases should be aware of these changes.

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