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Want to become a leader in mobile checkout funnel optimization?

Sign up for the Mobile Checkout Optimization Program, in partnership with Magento Business Intelligence, PayPal and HiConversion.


  • Create an industry consortium-type collaboration between leading agencies and technology providers to develop the best practices for reducing payment friction for credit cards and other payment options, and improve overall mobile conversion rates.


  • Up to 90-day free license for Magento Business Intelligence / per merchant
  • Up to 90-day free license for HiConversion optimization cloud / per merchant
  • Agency onboarding
  • Ongoing agency training and support
  • Cookbook full of best checkout optimization practices
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Why Your Agency?

The eCommerce world and the agency landscape are rapidly changing:


The best way to gain a competitive advantage is to engage with and learn from your customers. An eCommerce infrastructure and digital marketing are becoming commodities. Memorable customer experiences will never be.


The art of eCommerce site development and digital marketing is being replaced by the art and science of eCommerce. Merchants demand the ability to effectively use visitor data and produce directly measurable results.


Creating effective buying experiences on mobile devices is a new art. The best practices are not fully-formed and the eCommerce industry is scrambling to innovate and improve lagging conversion rates.

Agency Value

Your participation in the Mobile Checkout Optimization Program will open doors into new business opportunities for your agency.



Differentiate yourself as a data-driven agency and shorten the sales cycle to win new clients, while creating added value for existing clients.



Customer experience optimization is a continuous improvement process that requires your agency’s ongoing professional services.



Your ability to interpret and take action on customer engagement data will make your agency strategically relevant to the C-suite.

by invitation only

How Does the Program Work?

The program is a turnkey mobile checkout optimization solution provided in collaboration with agency and technology partners.

Learn how easy it is to activate a merchant site, gain actionable data insights, and implement mobile checkout optimization campaigns. 

Create your free HiConversion Agency account at any time by clicking on this link:  CREATE FREE ACCOUNT
Use your HiConversion Agency account to freely provision additional merchant sites, additional users, and access rights. 
Access your new merchant Site ID and these simple instructions to activate HiConversion’s Magento Connect verified extension.
Use HiConversion’s analytical insights and checkout experiment templates to quickly design and implement the mobile checkout optimization campaign.
Press the Play button and HiConversion’s adaptive optimization cloud will take over. This allows you to play different experiment treatments, and adapt to visitor preferences in real-time.
After approximately 4-6 weeks of live optimization, your agency will provide your client a test report along with additional optimization recommendations.

What’s Included in Program?

Click on the tabs below to learn how we will technology-enable your agency to successfully perform optimization of the mobile checkout funnel.

Step 1: Checkout Funnel Analysis

Your agency will use HiConversion’s embedded customer experience analytics to detect ‘friction points’ in the checkout funnel and to formulate data-driven test hypothesis.



Multi-path visualizations of the checkout funnel uncover friction points and establish optimization priorities.


Visitor flow charts magnify visitor behavior in or around friction points to help with test area selection.



Multi-metric engagement maps quantify the revenue impact of every element engagement to develop test hypotheses.
Note: these are just a few out of many other actionable charts that are provided ‘out-of-the-box’ upon activation of HiConversion’s Magento extension. 

Step 2: Experiment Design And Implementation

Based on merchant data analysis, your agency will activate 4-6 A/B experiments from the gallery of templates below―and run them as a single optimization campaign.

Total number of checkout funnel versions:


*Total number of permutations based on test treatments below.

Gallery of Experiment Templates

Add-to-Cart action commonly makes Cart page as a next screen. Determine if continued shopping is better.

Mini Cart checkout option should be the primary goal. Consider appending a Guest checkout as a default.

Free shipping or other incentives are often not present or not visible. Enhance exposure of incentives.

Explore the impact of product upsell recommendations in mini cart against the risk of creating a checkout diversion.

Mini cart has a super limited amount of ‘real estate.’ Avoid clutter created by showing too much information.

The Mini Cart Icon is not visible and many customers forget that they have an item in the cart.

Once on the Cart page a potential buyer should be exposed to options that direct him toward Checkout.

Ability to easily see and fill promo code form field minimizes buyer anxiety during the promo periods.

Security of the checkout process is a big concern. Make sure that trust badges are very visible.

Customers can have a hard time identifying the button for proceeding to the ‘next’ step of the checkout.

Product list should avoid any confusion about what is in the cart as well provide control options to make changes.

Incentives are the essential part of the value proposition. Make sure they are clearly presented.

Clutter creates friction. Use of best shopping cart design practices will factor in here.

Increasing average order value is very desirable.  Determine if you are reducing your sales instead.

Confusion about shipping cost and taxes are the common cause of abandonment. Estimates can backfire.

Progress bar provides guidance. For some brands it backfires by creating clutter and friction.

Manual selection of the credit card type adds unnecessary friction to the checkout process.
Customers don’t like filling out form fields in general. Typing errors are frequent and inevitable.

Customers dread the lengthy checkout process. Exposing payment options higher in the funnel is helpful.

Some customers have affinity to use a particular payment method and to buy more at sites that offer it.

Step 3: Adaptive Experience Optimization

Just press the play button and HiConversion will take over. The process is fully automated with use of adaptive algorithms.

Note: Adaptive algorithms minimize experimentation risk by detecting poorly performing treatments and reducing the percentage of traffic they receive, while over-allocating traffic to the top performers. 

Step 4: Test Results and Insights

After 4-6 weeks of live optimization, your agency will report back to your client merchants the test results, together with actionable insights, that will create urgency for continued experience optimization.


Top-line results show the impact of each experiment treatment to checkout funnel performance. These results can be analyzed by different metrics or customer segments.

Treatments: A/B test results with statistical confidence.


You will be able to go beyond the obvious and evaluate how different treatments play as an ensemble. The common pattern is that a few treatments that have a modest, individual, positive impact―when played in an ensemble with other treatments―produce an order of magnitude higher lift.

Ensembles: multivariate test results. Treatments in the example above that have up to 4% lift each, when played together, compound to produce 20% lift.
Note: These are just a few out of many test results and actionable insights charts that you will be able to present to your merchants. 

Common Questions


You may participate in the program if you qualify. In order to qualify, your brand must:

  • Have a website on the Magento platform
  • Generate a minimum of $5M in annual revenue
  • Be prepared to act in timely manner

The best way to prequalify for the program is to schedule a brief demo meeting.


You may participate in the program if you qualify and are willing to test PayPal on your site. Once the test ends, you have no obligation to keep using PayPal or HiConversion.

In order to qualify, your brand must:

  • Have a website on the Magento platform
  • Generate a minimum of $5M in annual revenue
  • Be prepared to act in a timely manner

The best way to prequalify for the program is to schedule a brief demo meeting.


Yes. We will gladly introduce you to an agency already participating in the program. Click here to contact us and make arrangements.


HiConversion’s web analytics are self-contained and won’t depend on or interfere with your current testing solution.

However, you must proceed with caution. When it comes to the testing or personalization of your site, each application should be run one at a time. This will reduce the risks of unforeseen interactions, noisy data, and even page rendering issues.

Getting Started

Your first step should be to implement your HiConversion tag so you can start collecting visitor engagement data as soon as possible.

The sooner you complete this step, the sooner you will be able to detect weak links in the customer experience and use that data to spearhead the optimization experiments.

All it takes is a simple, technical step.

For your convenience, the Implementation Section of HiConversion acts as a wizard to guide you through the implementation and verification steps.

Additionally, we provide free implementation assistance, which you can request from within the application.

You have two implementation options:

  • Native integration: For eCommerce platforms, we offer integration connectors (apps, cartridges, …) All you have to do is to activate HiConversion via your eCommerce admin panel.
  • Universal tag: For homegrown solutions or non-supported eCommerce platforms, simply add a single snippet of a code shown below into the top location of the <head> tag of all website templates/pages.
<!-- HiConversion 3.0 Async Tag for placement at top of head tag -->
  var script = document.createElement("script"); = "hiconversion_30";
  script.async = "async";
  script.type = "text/javascript";
  script.src = "//";
  var nodes = document.getElementsByTagName("script");
  nodes[0].parentNode.insertBefore(script, nodes[0]);

Note: each integration script contains a unique Site ID.

You can use tag management only as a temporary solution. Here’s why.

Tag management solutions inject tags into the <body> section of web pages. Therefore, HiConversion’s tag won’t load until after most of the web page content is visible.

That’s fine if the purpose of a tag is to collect data or do something that is not changing the look and feel of webpages. However, when you’re incorporating testing and personalization treatments that change the look and feel of web pages, they must be loaded as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this produces visible ‘flickering’. Meaning visitors will see your site’s existing content on their screen before it’s replaced with the new content.

So, if you implement HiConversion via a tag management, you will be able to effectively use our web analytics and only those applications that do not create flicker, like cart recovery, promo pop-ups, and similar features.

No. After you implement our generic tag or activate a native integration connector, you will never need to do any additional custom tagging.

For customizations, you will use our admin interface to provision custom goals, segments, or to collect additional information from data objects available on your web pages.

Yes. This assistance is free of charge and you can request it from within the application.

The solutions has many features designed to make campaign setup as easy as possible:
  • Templates: At the beginning of the setup process, you will have an option to choose a template that is closest to the type of campaign you want to create. Each template has most campaign configuration options already pre-configured, so you won’t need to start from scratch.
  • Composer: The campaign template is further provisioned through the use of a Composer, a step-by-step wizard that will assist you with the specific details of each campaign.
  • Visual editor: This point-and-click interface will allow you to focus on an element or area of the web page and make changes without any web programming.


Absolutely not. Like your traditional web analytics solution, we track visitor attributes and visitor behavior, like page loads and clicks.

Since HiConversion doesn’t process, store, or transmit credit card information, most of the compliance requirements are mitigated.

HiConversion is, however, often used on checkout funnel pages where visitors are asked to enter their credit card details. Although HiConversion doesn’t transmit or process data, this is a touchpoint with your visitors’ data. Generally, any system that could potentially be used to get to your visitors’ credit card data is within scope of PCI DSS and, therefore, must adhere to the strict rules the payment industry enforces to protect cardholder’s sensitive information.

There are two options for using HiConversion in compliance with PCI DSS.

Option 1:  Forgo placing HiConversion’s tag on the page where visitors enter their payment information. Deploy HiConversion’s tag on all other pages, instead. This way, there will be no impact on your PCI DSS compliance.

Option 2: Embed a Credit Card form field through an iFrame to remove HiConversion from the scope of PCI DSS compliance completely. Or redirect users to a payment page hosted by your payment processor. This is what many popular payment processors like Stripe, Paypal or Adyen do.

This way, HiConversion’s code can’t access these fields because it’s shielded from our snippet. On the downside, you also won’t be able to change these fields and optimize them without actually making a separate version of this form available.


Our industry-standard TOS are designed to meet the needs of all types of companies. Our TOS are being used by a wide range of customers, big and small. Therefore, we prefer to keep these terms standardized for all HiConversion customers. If our TOS don’t meet your needs, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Billing and Invoicing 

You can manage your billing and plan options from within your account.

Just select a plan and provide online payment information to unlock a premium plan for your brand.

You can use your credit card to pay for any plan.

If you sign up for an annual subscription and plan to spend at least $10K, we can invoice you annually. Contact us to begin the process.

No. You can add as many users to your account as you wish without additional charge.

The account administrator can change the subscription plan at any time.
To cancel your subscription, all you have to do is downgrade from a paid plan to the Free plan. That way, your paid plan will not be automatically renewed at the next billing cycle.
We do not offer refunds.

Talk to a Person

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We’re always here to help and ensure an enjoyable Customer Experience with HiConversion.

The most effective way of requesting help is to use the support option right within HiConversion!