HiConversion BigCommerce Integration

The integration is a very simple task.

Please feel free to request our FREE integration assistance.

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Integration at Glance


Easy to Set Up

Installation is simple and it takes just minutes. It is a low-tech task of placing our universal integration tag into the head tag of your web pages.

Fully Supported

HiConversion developed the integration tag in-house. We have a full complement of support staff ready to assist your integration if needed.

One Time Event

Unlike commonplace web analytics and some testing solutions that require ongoing tagging, we provide all other changes via visual admin panel.

Integration Steps

HiConversion’s integration tag is designed to provide out-of-box analytics and customer experience optimization functionality.

The integration is a one time non-technical task. All other customization and provisioning is done via HiConversion’s admin panel without any further need for IT assistance.


Step 1: Create FREE Account

  • Start at the Create FREE Account page
  • Copy HiConversion’s tag (go to Admin > Site > Tag Integration section)


Step 2: Install Extension

Paste HiConversion’s tag into the tag of all pages on your site

Step 3: Configure the Site

Use the HiConversion admin panel to configure your site

Integration Features

Once live, the integration will provide visitor tracking, data capture, and the client-side page modification capabilities needed for running of live adaptive customer experience optimization campaigns.

Visitor Tracking and Data Capture

We enable the collection of the broad spectrum of visitor activity tracking and digital commerce data right out-of-the-box. Unlike with other web analytics solutions there is no need for any additional custom tagging of your site. Any additional custom events and metrics are simply provisioned through our application interface.

Customer Experience Optimization

The second role for the integration is to enable client-side testing, targeting, personalization, and customer experience optimization. To minimize technical complexity and IT dependency, we provide a visual designer tool that will enable you to visually provision your optimization campaigns. The visual designs are then translated into lines of code that are then transparently executed by the visitor browser during the web page rendering process.

Get FREE Help With Your Integration

The HiConversion platform is friendly to integration and customization changes. Please feel free to request our FREE integration assistance.