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Our ideal customer is a company that views customer experience optimization as a competitive advantage.


Common Questions


Such comparison can be done in multiple ways:

Method – no real comparison

  • customer experience solution should have native analytics that enables the detection of weak links in the customer experience and the ability to uncover persuadable audiences
  • optimization solution must have the ability to detect visitor preferences and adapt in real time
  • all optimization activities should work in concert with each other to ensure coherent results and accurate attributions

HiConversion is the only solution that has all three primary capabilities necessary to make your customer experience optimization initiative successful.

Unit prices – comparable or slightly more expensive

  • Let us first remind you that HiConversion’s account is always free and that the Professional Plan has a small fixed monthly fee.  This is removing the risk and complexity of new technology adoption.
  • Business and Enterprise plans have per web visitor cost that is in line with competing solutions and in some instances a little bit more expensive because our real-time adaptive solution requires more computer power than competing solutions.

Total cost of ownership – order of magnitude less expensive

When comparing prices of two software solutions most of the time buyers will only consider the SaaS licensing cost.

  • When it comes to customer experience optimization one needs to take into account the cost of running the optimization experiments too.
  • Namely, it is not easy to invent optimization treatments that are increasing conversions and revenue. One needs to be prepared to try many more ‘losers’ than ‘winners’ before finding something that works. As a result, during the optimization experiment itself brands will have a dip in conversion rate and loss of revenue. The cost of lost revenues is often an order of magnitude higher than any software licensing cost.
  • Unlike competing solutions HiConversion’s algorithms are detecting and adapting the the best performing treatments and making money for our customers even as they are experimenting.

The HiConversion solution is removing the risk of experimentation and paying for itself during the experiments, while competing solutions are increasing the total cost of ownership by losing revenue during the experiments.

Yes, but with caution.

Our web analytics is self contained and it does not depend on or interfere with any other solution. So, you can always use our web analytics capabilities with anything else.

When it comes to testing and personalization and other applications that are making changes to your site you should run one at a time, HiConversion or a competing solution. Otherwise you will take the risk of unforeseen interactions, noisy data, and even page rendering issues.

Getting Started

Your first step should be to implement your HiConversion tag so you can start collecting visitor engagement data as soon as possible.

The sooner you complete this step the sooner you will be able to detect weak links in the customer experience and use that data to spearhead the optimization experiments.

This is a simple technical step.

For your convenience the Implementation section of HiConversion acts as an implementation wizard guiding you through implementation and verification steps.

Additionally we provide free implementation assistance that you can request from within the application.

You have two implementation options:

  • Native integration: we have integration connectors (apps, cartridges, …) with several eCommerce platforms – in this case all you have to do is to activate HiConversion via your eCommerce admin panel;
  • Universal tag: for home grown solutions or non-supported eCommerce platforms all you have to do is to add a single snippet of a code shown below into the top location of the <head> tag of all website templates / pages.
<!-- HiConversion 3.0 Async Tag for placement at top of head tag -->
  var script = document.createElement("script");
  script.id = "hiconversion_30";
  script.async = "async";
  script.type = "text/javascript";
  script.src = "//h30-deploy.hiconversion.com/origin/tag/vbjAMl62";
  var nodes = document.getElementsByTagName("script");
  nodes[0].parentNode.insertBefore(script, nodes[0]);

Note: each integration script contains a unique Site ID;

You can use tag management only as a temporary solution.

Here is why.

Tag management solutions inject tags into the <body> section of web pages. That way HiConversion’s tag will load after most of the web page content is loaded.

That is perfectly fine if the purpose of a tag is to collect data or do something that is not changing the look and feel of web pages.

Testing and personalization treatments that are changing the look and feel of web pages must be loaded as soon as possible. With a tag manager implementation the web page will load before HiConversion which will then produce visible ‘flickering’ (visitor seeing existing content first and then suddenly the new content replacing it).

So, if you implement HiConversion via a tag management you will be able to effectively use our web analytics and only those applications that do not create flicker, like cart recovery, promo pop-ups and similar features.

No. After you implement our generic tag or activate a native integration connector you will never need to do any additional custom tagging.

For customizations you will use our admin interface to provision custom goals, segments, or to collect additional information from data objects available on your web pages.


This assistance is free of charge and you can request it directly from within the application.

We think that the campaign setup is very easy.
The solutions have many features designed to make campaign setup as easy as possible:
  • Templates: at the very beginning of the campaign setup process you will have an option to chose a template that is closest to the type of campaign you desire to create – each template has the majority of campaign configuration options already preconfigured so that you do not need to start from scratch;
  • Composer: the campaign template is further provisioned through use of a Composer, a step by step wizard that will assist you with the specific details of each campaign;
  • Visual editor: this is a visual point and click interface that enables you to select an element or area of the web page and to create changes without any web programming;


Absolutely not. We are like your traditional web analytics solution that tracks visitor attributes and visitor behavior, like page loads, or clicks.

Since HiConversion doesn’t process, store, or transmit credit card information, most of the compliance requirements are mitigated.

HiConversion is, however, often used on the pages in a checkout funnel where visitors are asked to enter their credit card details. Although HiConversion doesn’t transmit or process data at this point, this is a touchpoint with your visitor’s customer data. Generally, any system that could potentially be used to get to your visitors’ credit card data is within scope of PCI DSS and therefore has to adhere to the strict rules the payment industry has worked out to protect cardholder’s sensitive information.

There are two options for using HiConversion in compliance with PCI DSS.

Option 1: do not place HiConversion’s tag on the page where visitor can enter payment information.

You can deploy HiConversion’s tag on all other pages. There will be no impact on your PCI DSS compliance.

Option 2: embed a Credit Card form field through an iFrame
If you want to remove HiConversion from the scope of PCI DSS compliance completely, you can choose to add the actual form field where customers enter their credit card details onto your page through an iframe or redirect users to a payment page hosted by your payment processor. This is the case with many popular payment processors such as Stripe, Paypal or Adyen.

HiConversion code then can’t access these fields, essentially shielding it from our snippet. On the down side, you also won’t be able to change these fields and optimize them without actually making a separate version of this form available.


We designed our TOS to be industry-standard so that it meets the needs of all types of companies. Our TOS are happily being used by a wide range of our customers, both big and small. So we prefer to keep it standardized to be fair to all types of customers who use HiConversion. If our TOS don’t meet your needs, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Billing and Invoicing 

You can manage your billing and plan options from within your account.

Just select a plan and provide online payment information and you will unlock a premium plan for your brand.

You can use your credit card to pay for any plan.

If you sign up for an annual subscription and plan to spend at least $10K, we can invoice you annually. Contact us to start the process.


You can add as many users to your account as you wish without any additional charges.

The account administrators can change the subscription plan at any time.
To cancel your subscription all you have to do is to do is to downgrade from a paid plan to the Free plan. That way your paid plan will not be automatically renewed at the next billing cycle.
We do not offer refunds.

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