Adaptive customer experience optimization
pays for itself.


High upside

Think about the value to your company of a double digit revenue lift or customer-driven digital commerce that grows in a sustainable way.



Directly measurable revenue lift

We provide measurements of CXO revenue lift – in genuine real time. Traditional testing and personalization solutions use past test results to imply future value. We provide WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-got) revenue lift reports to quantify how much money you make with our solution at any given moment.


Customer insights and attribution

The ability to determine real, genuine end-to-end results is the precursor to obtaining real, genuine customer insights and attribution. Having this actionable data at your disposal empowers every member of your digital commerce team to continually improve results and – best of all – grow sustainable revenue.


Increasing customer lifetime value

Great online customer experiences help increase your customer’s loyalty and, as a result, will grow the lifetime value of your relationship with them.


Brand equity and competitive advantage

Online is more than a channel of distribution. It’s where live interaction uncovers unique visitor preferences to help you build brand equity and competitive advantage.

Low risk

The risk reward ratio is totally in your favor. This is  Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and if you do not see a directly measurable value after few months you should simply cancel your subscription.

The Adaptive Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) is a low risk initiative. There are no gimmicks. If the solution does not pay for itself, you should cancel the subscription.
The image on the right shows the break-even point for businesses of different sizes. As a rule, the break-even point is below 1% in revenue lift. All other business values, such as customer insights, increase in productivity, or competitive advantage are pure profit.

Commonly the break-even point is <1% in revenue lift.

The lowest total cost of ownership

Traditional testing and targeting solutions are almost certain to produce a dip in conversion during the campaign. Our adaptive algorithms dramatically minimize that risk and the associated cost.

The buying decision for optimization solutions are often made on the basis of software license cost alone. The right approach is to account for the total cost of ownership.

One often overlooked cost is the inevitable dip in performance during the test. The traditional testing solutions experiment with many losing variations before finding something that works. As shown on the left, the dip can cost many times more than any optimization solution.

Our real-time adaptive system intelligently detects and filters out non-performing options, minimizing the risk and cost of running live tests.

The risk of doing nothing

The digital commerce landscape is rapidly changing. The opportunistic players who treat online sales as just another channel of distribution are being replaced by companies that view digital commerce as a strategic business. There is an arms race where companies buy advanced technologies and use customer knowledge as competitive advantage.
Can you afford to be left behind?

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