Shopify Integration

Easy to follow instructions for installing HiConversion on Shopify and Shopify Plus


Shopify App

Before you start …

1. Create HiConversion Account

If you do not have your HiConversion Account already please sign up.

2. Get your Site ID

Copy your site id from the site settings page in your account. You can get to it by using the dot menu or by clicking your site name in the upper right.

App Installation Steps

No programming required. Just follow well-documented steps below.

Step 1: Get our App

Enter your shop domain and click install to get the app.

If you are not logged in to your shopify store, you will be prompted to login first.

Click on the Install App Button on the following screen.

Step 2: Add your Site Id to the app


Go to the HiConversion App admin page within your shop admin.

Add your Site Id and click the save button.

Ensure that your tag is enabled (You should not see an enable button on the HiConversion App admin page, only a Disable button).

Test Tag …

Use HiConversion’s test utility.

Automated Test

Just go to HiConversion > Site Settings > Implementation and click on ‘Test Tag’ button.

For Shopify Plus…

If you don’t currently have a checkout.liquid layout file, then you will need to create one first by following the steps below.Note: If you already have a checkout.liquid layout file, you can safely ignore these steps. At this point the HiConversion Shopify App should be properly installed on your site.

Go to the Edit Code section of your theme.

Click on “Add a new layout”. In the drop down menu of the popup, you will find a “checkout” option. Add that file and it will create a checkout.liquid template for you.Note: If you don’t see the checkout.liquid file you may need to contact your Merchant Success Manager and ask them to enable the checkout.liquid layout for you.

Go to the HiConversion App under your installed apps and click “Disable”, if enabled and then click “Enable” to install HiConversion on this newly created checkout.liquid layout file.

For Non Shopify Plus…

One more step is required for non Shopify Plus users to properly track conversions.

Go to the “Additional Info for Non Shopify Plus” section of the Shopify app.


Copy the code snippet out of this section and place it in the “Additional scripts” section of your checkout settings. Note: If you already have code snippets in that section, simply add this code at the bottom after the other snippets. See here for more details.

End Result…

HiConversion’s Shopify integration is introduced to minimize the effort needed to collect web visitor activity data, to configure site properties, and to enable ongoing optimization without any IT support.

Data Collection

This one time connector activation replaces site tagging required by traditional web analytics solutions.

Virtual Customization

The connector is designed to automatically detect site configuration properties, like conversion goals or page classes.

Site Map

HiConversion’s visual point and click admin interface enables you to customize your setup without any need for additional tagging or IT support.