Software Engineer

Boca Raton, FL United States

We’re looking for top engineering talent to join our small, customer-driven development teams to work on a variety of projects.

Instead of trying to fill specific titles, we hire talented people at all seniority levels and work with them to find the role that suits them best:

Back End: The core application is written primarily with Java 8. We take advantage of Spark, Hadoop for processing volumes of data.

Front End: Our web applications are complex, single-page apps written in JavaScript.

Core Data, Infrastructure, & Reliability: We are continually expanding our cloud based infrastructure to power thousands of services and high speed access to massive datasets.

At HiConversion, apps are owned and developed by small, autonomous, cross-functional teams. You and your team set the goals, set the timelines, build the software, go to user tests, and carry the pager.

If you like the sound of engineering at HiConversion, please apply here so we can learn more about you.