Easy to follow instructions for installing HiConversion


Universal Tag Integration

Before you start …

1. Create HiConversion Account

If you do not have your HiConversion Account already, please sign up.

2. Get your Site ID

Upon creation of your free account you will be presented with the ‘Welcome to HiConversion’ dashboard. Please click the three dots, then under “Site Settings” click “installation”.

Step 3: Select eCommerce Platform

From the Implementation Section please select ‘In House Solution or Unidentified’ in the drop down list below:

Note: please notice a ‘Click here to request FREE Integration Assistance’ link below the drop down box which will enable you to request our free assistance.

Step 4: Copy Universal Tag

Just copy HiConversion’s tag so you can paste it into your site theme as further described below.


  • HiConversion tag above is unique to your site
  • please notice a ‘Click here to e-mail them instructions’ link below the tag which will enable you to forward the tag integration request to your IT.

Tag Integration Steps

As simple as copy and paste of the text. Just follow simple steps below.

Step1: Log in to your e-Commerce server.
Step2: Go to your online store theme / templates
Step 3: Paste the HiConversion tag inside of the <head> tags

Paste the HiConversion’s tag right after the opening <head> tag.


– the top location in the <head> tag ensures the highest performance and no page flicker (showing the existing and then new content).

– Tag Management Systems should not be used to inject the tag as they add additional latency to the loading process and are likely to cause page flicker.

Test Tag …

Use HiConversion’s test utility.

Automated Test

Just go to Site > Implementation section and click on the ‘Test Tag’ button.

End Result …

HiConversion’s universal tag integration is introduced to minimize the effort needed to collect web visitor activity data, to configure site properties, and to enable ongoing optimization without any IT support.

Data Collection

This one time connector activation replaces site tagging required by traditional web analytics solutions.

Virtual Customization

HiConversion’s visual point and click admin interface enables you to customize your setup without any need for additional tagging or IT support.