Web Developer

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, e-commerce

We’re currently looking for a Web Developer (Web UX – JavaScript – Front End Web Developer) to join our optimization services team to help implement web testing campaigns.


As a Front-end Web developer, you will help create web site variations that run as optimization experiments on our clients’ e-commerce sites. Attention to detail and quality, solid communication skills, and the ability to work well on a close-knit, agile team are all critical.


  • Work efficiently: we expect you to manage yourself and the team in the most productive way
  • Work independently: We are too busy for micro-management
  • Learn quickly: We sell application software, and you’ll be expected to learn it well and quickly.
  • Work full time: This is not a freelance position

The ideal candidate:

  • Seasoned HTML/CSS/JavaScript developer who understands Object Oriented JavaScript well.
  • Proven success in delivering production-quality cross-browser web applications
  • Intimate knowledge of the browser and the DOM as a development environment (knowledge of DOM and DOM functions)
  • Good design sense, experience working with a graphic designer and implementing complex interactions
  • Basic design skills with Photoshop.


  • Competitive base pay, plus bonuses, stock options, and health benefits package