High Return on Investment

Our clients are getting 10% or higher revenue lift. This translates into 10x (ROI) return on investment in customer experience optimization.

ROI Example_3
Low break even point

Low Risk

For the majority of brands the breakeven point is around 1% in revenue lift.

Therefore, your biggest risk is not to embrace customer experience optimization.

Directly Measurable Results

HiConversion is unique in its ability to unify multiple campaigns under the umbrella of a single continuous site-wide optimization process, which ensures accurate end-to-end results.

Directly measurable ROI_1

Sustainable Results

Other testing and personalization solutions ignore the time varying nature of digital commerce and deliver temporary results.

HiConversion’s adaptive algorithms are designed to continually adapt to changes and produce long term sustainable revenue growth.

Customer Knowledge

Traditional business advantages, such as manufacturing, supply chain, information management, and others are increasingly commoditized.


Experience As A Competitive Weapon

Knowing how your customers think and feel is unique to your brand and it will never become commodity.

This knowledge will separate you from the pack and position you to win in the age of customer.

Unique Patterns

Others are obsessed with ‘big’ data and ability to segment and filter data. That is nice but rarely actionable.

Our algorithms are designed to help you uncover patterns. Such knowledge is the essence of any winning business strategy.

unique patterns

Team Empowerment

Business teams are able to engage and act on their own without IT dependency.

Fully integrated customer experience analytics enables organization wide learning and decision making.

No IT Dependency

Non-technical business users can easily utilize HiConversion’s visual point-and-click interface to design very complex optimization campaigns. Going live is as simple as clicking on the ‘play’ button.


Shared Data

Knowledge about what worked is equally important as getting the optimized experiences.

Unlike competing solutions that require additional integration with web analytics solutions, HiConversion is a fully integrated optimization and customer experience analytics solution which ensures unified data views, accurate measurement and precise attribution.

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